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Connect24 - Gaming for good

Connect 24 insta challenge grid.jpg#PlayforMSUK to have fun, boost cognition, and raise money for a brilliant cause!

Do you love playing video games? If not, it might be time to start! Let us tell you why.

Making memories

Gaming is possibly one of the most fun ways to actively boost your cognition. In 2015, a study at the University of California found that people who often played complex, three-dimensional video games performed better in hippocampus-related memory tasks when compared with people who either didn’t play at all, or played two-dimensional games. When people took up three-dimensional gaming for 30 minutes a day, the study found their memory was boosted.

Spatial visualisation

A study from the American Psychological Association found video gaming can give your spatial visualisation a huge boost – especially when the games involve shooting. It found gamers were better at judging the distance between objects, as well as rotating objects in their mind to judge how they would fit into a space. This is useful in everyday life – it might just help you to park your car better, or organise cupboards easier – anything that requires spatial awareness.

Making a decision

Playing a fast-paced game where you have to make quick choices can actually boost your decision-making ability in real life, too. A study from the University of Rochester found people who played fast-paced action games could make accurate choices quicker if than people that didn’t play, or those who only played slow-paced ones. So, pick up that controller and wave goodbye to decision fatigue!

So, how about boosting your cognition and raising money for a good cause at the same time? Enter Connect24, MS-UK’s first ever gaming challenge which is taking place on World MS Day over the bank holiday weekend 29-31 May 2021.

Simply get your friends and family to sponsor you, and challenge your pals to 24 hours of pure gaming – you’ll bag yourself a cool, exclusive MS-UK gaming cup when you sign up (stay hydrated!), and when you raise £100, you’ll get a Connect24 medal!

Want to Connect and play for MS-UK? Call the fundraising team on 01206 226500 to find out more or click here