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Guest blog: In memory of Gramps

Posted on: March 13 2018

In April 2018, Laura Cassidy will be reaching the dizzy heights of 10,000 feet when she takes on a skydiving challenge to raise funds for MS-UK. In this guest blog, Laura tells us all about why this is so important to her…

grandad.jpg‘Doing a skydive has always been the top of my bucket list, so when I finally built up the nerve, doing it for charity really was a no brainer. Being able to have this amazing experience and raise money for a great cause…how amazing!

‘I knew straight away I wanted the money to go to a multiple sclerosis (MS) charity and after doing some research MS-UK really stood out to me.

‘My Gramps suffered with MS for a long time and my only memories of him are in a wheelchair but he always had a smile on his face. The care he received was always great so I am so pleased to be able to contribute to help other people.

‘I am so overwhelmed by how much I have raised so far and am desperate to reach £1,000 by the time it comes to my jump! I’m excited about it now but when it comes down to it I think I might have to be pushed out of the plane!!

We are really pleased to say Laura has smashed her £1,000 target, but you can still donate on her JustGiving page today!

Your donations help MS-UK support even more people affected by multiple sclerosisto really make the most of today and live life to the full. Thank you!

The ultimate Valentine's Day gift that keeps giving!

Posted on: February 12 2018


Racking your brains for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift? Well, now is the time to think about what your loved one would really like to do. Would they enjoy a dozen red roses, or a dozen reasons to smile? If it’s the latter, I have some ideas for you…

Take the plunge

Love is most definitely in the air when you’re at 10,000 feet, so what better gift is there this Valentine’s Day than arranging to take your sweetheart to new heights with a skydive? You can pick from 19 airfields across the UK and a date that suits you, and by fundraising for MS-UK you’ll be making a real difference to our work supporting people affected by multiple sclerosis.

A bicycle made for two?

Cycling is a great way to have fun together and raise funds for MS-UK at the same time! Whether it’s organising a tandem bike ride in your local area or taking on the capital at the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100, you and your Valentine can do it together. We’ll be here to help, with lots of fundraising materials and of course a MS-UK cycling jersey for you and your beloved.

Book a night to remember

Is there anything more romantic than getting dressed up in your finest and enjoying a delicious three course meal in luxurious surroundings? If you want to ask for that last dance, why not book your tickets for the MS-UK Summer Ball? I know this will be a truly magical event hosted at Le Talbooth in Dedham on 29 June 2018, so surprise your Valentine with tickets and the promise of a fantastic evening out!

If you’d like to chat through a fundraising idea or find out more about any of these events, just email me or call me on 01206 226500.

However you celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope it is filled with smiles for you!


Jenny Poulter, Events Fundraiser

Guest blog: Alex's skydive

Posted on: September 27 2017

alex3-e1505141911792.jpgIn this guest blog Angela Pedge tells us of her son Alex's skydive for MS-UK...

I have a wonderful supportive family and friends who help me with my multiple sclerosis (MS) which I have had since 2008. I attend MS-UK social events and use Joseph Court which helps with managing my symptoms of MS.

I was so pleased when my son wanted to do a skydive and raise money for MS-UK.

He contacted MS-UK to see how he could do this and spoke to Nick who helped him set up a JustGiving page and organise the skydive.

We were lucky enough to arrange the jump on his actual 21st birthday which was 19 August 2017

alex-1.jpgOn the day it was a lovely sunny day and we had to be there for 8.30 in the morning. Alex was so excited and a little apprehensive. Alex had a half an hour debriefing and then was all kitted up to make the jump, he then boarded the plane at nine and went up. His family were all there supporting him and watching him make the jump. When he came down he said it was the best thing he’s ever done and he would never forget it.

I am so proud and grateful of my son who has managed to raise £664 so far for MS-UK from friends and family who have kindly donated.

When I asked him why he wanted to do the skydive he said that he wanted to honour me and people like me who have to struggle daily with MS and it was the least he could do to help.

Angela Pedge


Subscribe to our fundraising e-news!

Posted on: May 12 2017

nick_sm.jpgHi everyone, Next week we will be sending out our fundraising e-newsletter, and we wanted to let you know you can subscribe today just by visiting our website. Packed full of events news, top tips and fundraising ideas and inspiration, we send out this e-newsletter once a month. Subscribe today and stay up to date with all of our team news! Best wishes, Nick Nicholas Adams, Fundraising Assistant

Hi everyone,

Next week we will be sending out our fundraising e-newsletter, and we wanted to let you know you can subscribe today just by visiting our website.

Packed full of events news, top tips and fundraising ideas and inspiration, we send out this e-newsletter once a month.

Subscribe today and stay up to date with all of our team news!

Best wishes,


Nicholas Adams, Fundraising Assistant

The Skydiving Stag Night/High Flying Hen Do!

Posted on: March 27 2017

rory-and-hilary-5_0.jpgSo, everything for your friend’s wedding day has been planned, the day is getting closer and you’ve suddenly been asked as best man and woman to organise the stag night and hen do. Nightmare! You can’t think of anything to do!

Well, we believe we have found the answer.

We were discussing in the office what the most inventive and memorable stag or hen do would be, and as we discussed it, we realised that the answer was right under our noses and sitting at my desk the whole time. The most inventive stag/hen do would definitely be to go skydiving!

Thinking about it, we had seen skydives done before on some TV shows for stag/hen do’s and we thought it was the perfect day of pre wedding fun and would be a good way make the big day far less daunting for the bride and groom. You could also skydive during the day and then by night hit the town with your friends!

So, the other reason it would be the perfect stag do of course, would be that you can book it through MS-UK and fundraise for us at the same time. This would also make the jump completely free if you manage to raise the sponsorship minimum of £395 each. Leaving you with some extra money to treat your groom or bride to that big night out!

rory-and-hilary-6_0.jpgYou’ll also do several amazing things all at the same time...Support MS-UK and the services we provide, jump out of a plane at 10,000ft which is no small achievement and finally give your bride and groom an experience and a story they’ll never forget!


So if you are the best man or woman, or know someone that will be, maybe this could be the opportunity of a lifetime for them!

Get in touch with me at or call me on 01206 226500 for more information on skydives! Alternatively, if you’d like to go straight to booking, please follow this booking link and fill out the form!


Fundraising Assistant

Happy Valentines!

Posted on: February 13 2017

Love is literally in the air this Valentine’s day!

rory-and-hilary-6.jpgValentine’s Day is just around the corner and a lot of people I know are trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones! Maybe they’ve bought an amazing bouquet of flowers, a massive heart shaped box of chocolates or are treating themselves to a night in by the telly.

We at MS-UK, however, like to go a bit more extreme with our valentine’s gifts. We like to send people off to scream about their love from 10,000ft!!

Yes, I’m talking about a skydive for MS-UK!

We have a fantastic offer that has been passed to us by Skyline that is not to be missed! When you sign up to any event on skyline you can get two for the price of one on the registration fee. This means for a skydive you only pay a £70 registration fee for two of you to jump and if you raise over £395 each (£790 together), you’ll even get this cost back, making your jump effectively free!

This could be the most unique and perfect valentine’s gift for you and a loved one. But it’s not just limited to your valentine! You could also take the leap with your best pal or even that guy from down the street, the choice is yours!!

If you are interested in the offer and skydiving for MS-UK, you can use the code ‘SkylineValentinewhen booking on the skyline website here. This offer ends on 14 February at midnight, so be quick! Please also get in touch with me if you’d like a bit more information, my details are below!

Nicholas Adams
Fundraising Assistant
01206 226500

Fundraiser of the month - Lauren Duckling

Posted on: February 08 2017

Hello! My name is Lauren Duckling and I did a sky dive for MS-UK. I decided to fundraise for MS-UK, firstly, because I work for the charity and I see the clients in Josephs Court who have been affected. Not only by MS but with other neurological problems and they do not let their condition affect them. They have given me a better outlook on things and as I speak to the clients almost every day they have really put into perspective just how they miss the little things or what troubles them the most.

The second reason I decided to fundraise was because a person very close to me has MS and knowing it affects her very badly, I wanted to do something for her and the clients even if it made the slightest difference.

The first time I had heard about the event was when I was sitting with Mark who had worked in the Fundraising department and he emailed me the details and I had booked the date with a couple of my friends who chickened out last minute. I had thought about not doing the jump after they pulled out and maybe, booking another date in the following year when they could do it but I was looking forward to doing it so I continued with it.

I had picked a bad date to do it because not only was it December but my sister had a flight that morning – and to kill two birds with one stone – I had to be up and out the door by half 2 in the morning and then drive from London to Norwich. So after nearly 6 hours in the car I was going to chuck myself out of a plane. If the thought of that didn’t wake me up the McDonalds I had definitely did.

I’m really glad I did it. I thought that it was going to be scarier than from what my dad was telling me. The whole experience was worth it and I will most likely be doing another one in the near future. There was a point where I thought I wouldn’t make the minimum amount needed to be raised but then during the last couple of weeks I went from being under the target to being a couple of hundred pounds over.

In the end I managed to raise £523 altogether. I think the biggest tip I would have for anyone who is going to do any fundraising is to give yourself plenty of time for people to donate.

If you are fundraising online then getting your friends, as well as their friends to share your link is the best way I can think of to get your target.

To those of you who want to fundraise I wish you good luck!

A big thank you!

Posted on: January 30 2017

a-big-thank-youfrom-all-of-us-at-ms-uk.pngHi all.

We’re here to support anyone affected by multiple sclerosis.

But our vital work would not be possible without you!

Here’s a little video to say thank you. (Check out the outtakes at the end!)

If you would like to  get involved in 2017 just email us or visit our website to find out more.

Thank you again, and here’s to the next 12 months!

Love from,

the MS-UK team

Lauren's skydive for MS-UK

Posted on: December 21 2016

lauren_sm.jpgFirstly, I just want to say that I could not have done my tandem jump without Mark, who organised it for me and of course everyone at Josephs Court who sponsored me! I managed to raise £523!!

I had a very early start plus a 5 and half hour drive. I arrived for 8am so I was very tired!! Not long after I arrived I was putting on my harness and getting in the plane ready to jump. I was very lucky to have my family watch me and also to have such lovely instructors, they calmed my nerves quite a lot.

It was such a beautiful sight as we made the 15,000 ft mark, we were about 4,000 ft higher than the clouds and it was very sunny despite being very miserable and raining mostly on the way. As my luck would have it, I was first out of the plane and the free fall took my breath away, literally! It was so much better and exhilarating than I could’ve imagined, when my instructor pulled the parachute we were mid cloud (which tastes like salt, if anyone asks) and we slowly made our decent down to the gorgeous scenery below.

It felt like hours when I had finally landed and such a wonderful experience, I am so glad to have done it. It was a definite bucket list thriller and I would do it all over again but I think I will have to try during the summer when it is a lot hotter!

Lauren x

Watch Lauren’s fantastic skydive on our Youtube channel.

Find out how you can Jump for MS-UK.

Guest blog: Indoor Skydiving with Sportability 

Posted on: December 12 2016

In this guest blog, Christian and his partner Nancy try indoor skydiving!

Myself and Nancy decided to join the Sportability team again this time to try indoor skydiving (how scary could it be?)

The venue is a massive building in Milton Keynes called Xscape where they do indoor skiing which was impressive to watch.

On arrival we are given the safety briefing including which hand signals meant what, I had forgotten those by the time I had left the room.

We were kitted out with ear plugs, goggles, helmet and a gorgeous blue suit that if was easier to get on it would wear in daily life (honest). There was about 10 of us so we were split into two groups, my girlfriend Nancy went first so I could gauge what was in store...two men stand either side of you and keep you in the skydiving position. This was particularly good for a couple of the wheelchair users with restricted use of their legs. You got about a minute, everyone gets a go before you go back in for a second go.


During the second go one of the helpers spins you around, the fan whoooooooos a bit harder and he takes you spinning to the top of the tunnel, your heart is racing but it's all over so quickly. I would do it again without a doubt and would highly recommend it to anyone regardless of mobility as they really look after you. You get a certificate at the end and the opportunity to buy photos/video.

Join and hopefully I'll see you at the next event!

Christian Rolfe


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