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BBC Two’s Big Life Fix is back

Posted on: January 12 2017

lb_sm_0.jpgProducers of the BBC Two show Big Life Fix are searching for people, who could benefit from a tailor-made invention to improve their quality of life, to take part in the second series of the programme.

The show aired in December last year and is an exciting and innovative science series that sees a skilled team of scientists, engineers and designers create bespoke technology for individuals and groups to transform their lives for the better.

In the first series, the team came up with a solution for a range of issues affecting individuals and communities, including creating a device to counter the effects of Parkinson’s disease for a young graphic designer, building a bicycle for a boy born with no hands or feet and designing a system to help a visually impaired mother take her children to the park.

If you feel that you could benefit from a tailor-made invention the show’s producers would like to hear from you. Perhaps it’s a daily task, a hobby or a lifelong dream that’s proving to be a challenge. Or maybe you have a disability you need help managing, or a problem that you and your family, or even whole community face.

If you would like to apply and share your story, call 0203 040 6908, or email (All calls are treated in the strictest of confidence).

Would you like to be part of MS documentary?

Posted on: September 21 2016

In this guest blog, Daisy Chapman writes about witnessing her mother’s experiences of living with multiple sclerosis. Now Daisy is turning her talents to a new documentary…

daisy-lynn.jpgWhen I was 12 my mother was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS, I witness day to day the challenges my mother has to overcome, even in such simple tasks like opening a tin. In the past she has struggled with depression due to MS, she has found it hard to pick herself up but the power of positive thinking has helped her greatly, and she believes in keeping herself busy. She tells me that she ‘refuses to let her illness define her or have it be a constant black cloud looming over her’.

Mum makes sure she gets her daily exercise fix, she attends aqua classes as she finds it’s easier and feels safer to exercise in the water without the fear of falling over. She really values structure in her day whether it be doing a bit of housework or visiting some family relatives.

My mother who is dependent on a walking aid is often embarrassed when people ask her “What exactly is wrong with your legs?” or “What is MS?” Not shocked really by the sheer ignorance of some people – I ask myself, How do you simply describe an illness that is so complex? I think it would confuse most people if she were to list all her symptoms on the spot which vary incredibly, and tend to change like the weather. Mum has even been but in positions where people question the legitimacy of her condition. Multiple sclerosis, like many other neurological disorders have many symptoms that aren’t physically visible.

As a teenager I fondly remember accompanying mum when she occasionally visited the Charing Cross MS clinic for steroid infusion treatment. We were always welcomed by a room full of people from all walks of life and ages brought together because of one common factor: multiple sclerosis. I found it to be such a warm atmosphere for a hospital, there was a real community feel to that room and everybody went out of their way to help each other. Whether it be spreading news of upcoming charity events or swapping tips about what has helped soothe some of their MS pains. What I took away from those days was, information is key and knowledge is power – and I have found there’s not enough information out there or awareness about MS. I wholeheartedly feel that it is an illness that is overlooked and understudied. That’s why I personally have felt the need to take an active approach to investigating how people in the UK are effected by MS, how it is treated and what resources are out there for people with multiple sclerosis.

Whilst studying media production at college, I discovered my passion for storytelling and film making. So, now I am setting out to film a project about MS, which was always on the cards for me as it is so close to home. My primary goal is to raise awareness of the illness by representing the varied symptoms people experience. I am currently on the look out for participants who would want to get involved by sharing their personal stories or helping with charity events that will be filmed for the documentary.

Below are my contact details,

I look forward to hearing from you

Daisy Chapman

Based in London


Join in with Channel 4 debate!

Posted on: August 25 2016

Hi everyone,msu_0296.jpg

Channel 4 News is planning a debate on disability in the UK as part of their No Go Britain series and they have reached out to MS-UK so we can let you know all about it!

Coinciding with the Paralympic games, the discussion will be live on Channel 4 7 O’Clock News program, with an audience of 100-200 disabled people.

As everyone focuses on sport, this audience will have the opportunity to debate the other, more everyday issues surrounding disability with a panel including a Government Minister, transport bosses and representatives from high street brands, amongst others. Channel 4 have said it will be a chance for disabled people to highlight the barriers in the way of ordinary life and to debate with the panel how to make improvements.

If you are interested in appearing in this Channel 4 discussion, email Joe Izzarddirectly with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Contact number 
  • E-mail
  • Location
  • Age
  • Preferred contact method
  • Additional Requirements (e.g. support worker, accessibility aids etc.)
  • Occupation
  • Issue most important to you, regarding disability
  • Other issues important to you

This will be followed up with a further call or e-mail to confirm your place and help you with any necessary arrangements.

At present, Channel 4 don’t have details regarding a date or location, as these are still being arranged. It’s worth mentioning also that Channel 4 would help individuals towards transport and accessibility costs.

If you do decide to take part or accepted on to the show, do let us know how you get on!

Good luck!


Laura May

Marketing Manager, MS-UK

Disability Rights UK are working with Channel 4 to find Paralympics marketing campaign champions...

Posted on: April 04 2016

Disability Rights UK are working with Channel 4 to find participants for their Paralympics marketing campaign.

Channel 4 are looking for a number of people with a variety of skills and a range of impairments to be the face of the Paralympics marketing campaign. This is a great opportunity to showcase your talents and to demonstrate that disabled people are a diverse and interesting bunch!

Who they want: a full swing band; dancers; skateboarders; martial arts fighters; models; business people; children and families!

Send them a short film clip of no longer than 5 minutes, stating your name, where you are from, and your impairment and show off your talent.

Please send to the Producer at Blink Productions who will be doing the casting for the campaign at along with your contact email address and phone number. Please only use the file sharing website http://www.wetransfer.comto share your clip and no attachments.

Please note your application will be received by a member of the Blink production team and they may contact you directly. Blink Productions will process your personal data in accordance with their privacy policy and terms and conditions please click here to view.

The closing date for applications is midnight on the 07 April and if your application is progressed to the next stage you will be contacted by 15 April 2016.

If you are under 18 and would like to apply then your parent or guardian will need to do this on your behalf.

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