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World MS Day is coming!

Posted on: May 08 2017

logo_stacked_colour_2017en.jpgHi everyone,

This month sees World MS Day (Wednesday 31 May), and here at MS-UK we will be celebrating throughout the day on Twitterand Facebook, to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis and hopefully share some top tips from you!

Got some inspiration for how to handle incontinence? Know a great way to ease neuropathic pain? Whatever your top tip for living life with MS, we want to hear from you!

Email us your top tips before Friday 19 May, to make sure we include you!


We will be using the hashtag #LifewithMS throughout the whole day, so do join in!

I look forward to sharing your tips on the day, and thanks for being part of the conversation,

Best wishes,


John Habkirk

Digital Officer, MS-UK

Meet Miranda

Posted on: February 14 2017

miranda.jpgMiranda Olding, MS nurse, has joined the New Pathways columnist corner, so in this blog we find out all about our new writer…

Name: Miranda Olding

Eye colour: Greeny brown

Occupation: MS Specialist nurse

Why I agreed to write a column for New Pathways:

I’ve written about things that I’ve learned that are useful in MS, for many years. This started in the Bedford MS Therapy Centre (where I work)’s quarterly newletter, and soon spilled out into a blog.

The ethos of the blog is Integrated Medicine - could be conventional, could be very much not mainstream - but if I find it can be useful for my patients and other people with MS, I want to share it! I’ve enjoyed reading New Pathways since I started as an MS Nurse back in 2004, so coming to do a column just felt like a natural step.

If I was a movie star, I’d be:

OMG! It would be easier to say who I’d LIKE to be - I'm really admiring Thandie Newton right now  but in reality - probably more …. Jim Carrey?

If I was a character in a book, I’d be:

Same response! In reality, probably someone who gets very inspired by ideals but also often trips on their face; Katy in What Katy did, or Dorothea in Middlemarch?

Three things I couldn’t live without:

Tea (with soya milk). Sunlight. Pringles terry towling trainer socks.

My greatest achievement:

My kids turning into decent people.

My motivation for doing what I do:

I believe that with kindness, and curiosity, we can always do better. There’s always more out there. I want to bring things that work to my patients.

My nickname: I don’t have one!

My catchphrase: You Can Do This!

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