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Pins for pounds!

Posted on: February 21 2018

vlm-e-news-image1-2.jpgHello, This year is very special for MS-UK as we celebrate our 25th anniversary of supporting people affected by multiple sclerosis! So, how can you get involved? Well, you could be the proud owner of one of our limited edition anniversary pin badges! In 2018, we have a limited edition 25th anniversary pin badge especially for anyone who raises or donates £25 or more in aid of MS-UK! Whether you love getting active or prefer a cuppa and cake, fundraising for MS-UK is as much fun as you make it! Ways to support MS-UK…

Whatever you decide to do, we’re here to support you all the way. Contact the fundraising team using our online form. And good luck! Jill Jill Purcell, Fundraising Manager  

The ultimate Valentine's Day gift that keeps giving!

Posted on: February 12 2018


Racking your brains for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift? Well, now is the time to think about what your loved one would really like to do. Would they enjoy a dozen red roses, or a dozen reasons to smile? If it’s the latter, I have some ideas for you…

Take the plunge

Love is most definitely in the air when you’re at 10,000 feet, so what better gift is there this Valentine’s Day than arranging to take your sweetheart to new heights with a skydive? You can pick from 19 airfields across the UK and a date that suits you, and by fundraising for MS-UK you’ll be making a real difference to our work supporting people affected by multiple sclerosis.

A bicycle made for two?

Cycling is a great way to have fun together and raise funds for MS-UK at the same time! Whether it’s organising a tandem bike ride in your local area or taking on the capital at the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100, you and your Valentine can do it together. We’ll be here to help, with lots of fundraising materials and of course a MS-UK cycling jersey for you and your beloved.

Book a night to remember

Is there anything more romantic than getting dressed up in your finest and enjoying a delicious three course meal in luxurious surroundings? If you want to ask for that last dance, why not book your tickets for the MS-UK Summer Ball? I know this will be a truly magical event hosted at Le Talbooth in Dedham on 29 June 2018, so surprise your Valentine with tickets and the promise of a fantastic evening out!

If you’d like to chat through a fundraising idea or find out more about any of these events, just email me or call me on 01206 226500.

However you celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope it is filled with smiles for you!


Jenny Poulter, Events Fundraiser

Have you got your ticket to ride?

Posted on: February 05 2018


Over the next couple of weeks, people across the country will hear from Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 about whether or not they got a ballot place. I can just imagine the thousands of lucky people who will get a 'yes' and start planning their big day out in the capital.

But as over 80,000 people applied for a ballot place, there will also be some disappointment…but do not worry! You can still be part of the action as a member of the MS-UK team!

The Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 starts in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park then follows closed roads through the city and Surrey before finishing on The Mall. On Sunday 29 July we’ll be heading to London to cheer on #TeamPurple, and that could include you!

Not only will you take on 100 miles, but you’ll be helping us support even more people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). When someone calls the MS-UK Helpline to ask a question about managing bladder and bowel problems, your efforts mean we can pick up the phone. When someone reads an article about a complementary therapy in New Pathways that could help with fatigue, you could be the reason the magazine lands on their doormat.

Visit our website to apply today for a charity place in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 and get your ticket to ride. You can also give me a call on 01206 226500 or email me.

Now, it must be time for the song…

Best wishes,


Jenny Poulter, Events Fundraiser

We're all in it together...

Posted on: February 02 2018


Deciding to volunteer for the first time can be a scary thing. You see a post on Facebook, or a friend mentions an event to you, and you wonder if you’d enjoy it. Sometimes you just shrug it off and say ‘maybe next year’ to yourself, but sometimes you take a chance. If you’re thinking now is the time to take that chance, I wanted to share with you what your experience may be like if you join the MS-UK cheering squad.

There is something very special about volunteering at a national event…you realise we’re all in it together. Every race marshal, every charity, every runner, every cyclist, every volunteer – together we’re making it possible for the event to happen.


At MS-UK, we love supporting #TeamPurple, whether it’s at the RideLondon or the British 10k.

As you arrive in London in the morning, there is a sense of anticipation in the air.

The pavements may still be being swept and the barriers are being put along the side of the roads, but as you make your way to Trafalgar Square the buzz is already beginning. The four lions greet you and you know today will be a good day.

You exchange smiles with other volunteers, decked out in the all the colours of the rainbow to support their chosen charities, and as you approach the MS-UK cheering point you’re being greeted with a warm smile and asked if you’d like tea or coffee. As you pull a MS-UK t-shirt over your head you feel part of something truly awesome.

Whispers travel from cheering point to cheering point, and before you know it you are straining to see the first runners or cyclists as you hear that they have crossed the starting line. They keep coming, more and more, the roar of the crowd swells and you can’t help but join in, lifting your voice to shout encouragements at everyone who passes you by.

‘Come on Lilly!’

‘You’re rocking it Ahmed!’

‘Keep going David, you can do it!’

‘Just keep swimming – I mean running!’

‘You got this Katie!’

It doesn’t matter why they are taking part, whether it’s for charity, in memory of a loved one, for themselves to prove they can do it. You lock eyes with them, you raise your rapper clapper into the air and you cheer with all your might.

Of course there is a special kind of feeling when you spot someone in a purple MS-UK top, and you can sense the team around you glowing with pride and excitement.

At the end of the day, as you help take down the sail flags and gulp down water after all that cheering, you look around and realise you have not only made a difference, you have made friends for life. You ask me if you can just ‘hang on’ to the MS-UK t-shirt in case you ever think of volunteering again. I wave goodbye as you head to the nearest tube station or bus stop, but even as you get on board I know you won’t be able to help nodding to people as you spot medals and dirty trainers and charity t-shirts dotted everywhere. Everyone is tired. Everyone is sweaty. And everyone is smiling.

This is what a day volunteering with MS-UK as part of our cheer squad looks like. It’s hard work, it’s amazing fun, and you won’t be going it alone. Whether you are taking your first chance or have been coming along for years now, we’re in it together.

Get in touch with Jenny today by email or give us a call on 01206 226500 to find out more about becoming a member of our cheer squad. You can also read a bit more about the role on our website.

Best wishes,


Jill Purcell

Fundraising Manager

Ready to ride?

Posted on: January 23 2018

Hi everyone, We now have places for the ultimate UK cycling event - and you could join #TeamPurple to be part of it!


On Sunday 29 July we'll be cheering on our riders who will be taking on 100 miles of cycling at the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100. This is a fantastic event that starts in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park then follows closed roads through the capital and Surrey before finishing on The Mall in central London. As part of #TeamPurple you'll get all the support you need to have a brilliant day, and we'll be there to greet you at our post-race meet up after you have done all the hard work.

Of course being part of our team isn't just about cycling. It's about helping us continue our vital work.

This year we are commemorating our 25th anniversary of supporting people affected by multiple sclerosis, and we'd love you to be part of the celebrations! Need a bit of inspiration? Read about Paul's reasons for riding last year for MS-UK in our blog. If you'd like to find out more, just give me a call on 01206 226500 or email me. If you're ready to get going, you can apply for a MS-UK place in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 on our website today. Happy cycling! Jenny Events Fundraiser, MS-UK  

New year, new you?

Posted on: January 05 2018

blog-graphic-050118.jpgHi everyone, 

It’s that time of year again when the resolutions begin piling up and before you know it you have given up chocolate! Well, we don’t want to ask you to do something as drastic as that, but we would love it if you’d support MS-UK as we celebrate our 25th anniversary!

If health and fitness is your thing, why not join one of our fantastic events happening in 2018…

Colchester Half Marathon

MS-UK is based in Colchester, Essex so this one is right on our doorstep, and there’s still time to join the race! 2018 is a very special year for us too, as MS-UK will be charity partners for the Colchester Half Marathon on Sunday 25 March.

Apply today on the Colchester Half Marathon website.

British 10k

Join 25,000 pairs of feet as they pound the streets of one of the world’s most iconic capital cities on Sunday 15 July.

Apply today on our website.

Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100
On Sunday 29 July the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 will start in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park before finishing on The Mall in central London.

Apply today on our website.

I would love to welcome you to #TeamPurple, so do check out our website for lots more fundraising ideas. Whatever you do in 2018, we all wish you lots of luck!

Best wishes,


Events Fundraiser, MS-UK

Swinging 60s cyclothon!

Posted on: October 30 2017

Hi everyone,

On Saturday 28 October our clients at Josephs Court got together for our swinging 60s cyclothon – and it was a great day!


Thank you to everyone that got involved…you managed to clock up over 300 kilometres! Check out the Facebook photo album now.

The cyclothon event is part of our FES Appeal. We are aiming to raise £22.5k for a brand new FES bike for Josephs Court. This is our Essex based wellness centre for anyone affected by multiple sclerosis in our local area.

Thank you again for a groovy day everyone!

Best wishes,


Diana Crowe, Head of Services

Guest blog: The Brutal Double Triathlon for MS-UK

Posted on: September 28 2017

matthew-norris-2.jpgIn this guest blog things are getting brutal! Matthew Norris took on 'The Brutal Double', which is a double Ultra-distance event, based in Llanberis, North Wales. Here is his story of fundraising for MS-UK...

23 intrepid Double Ultra Triathletes took to Llyn Padarn at the foot of Mount Snowdon earlier this month for the first of 3 events. At 7:30am, we joined other athletes racing half, full and triple distance triathlons. The swim was 8 laps around the course for a total of 4.8 miles. The lake was hovering around 11°C as we entered the water, and 3 hours later, I emerged feeling cold, but relieved to have completed the first event with a smile on my face.

Next up, the bike section. Another 8 laps, on the road around Snowdon. Total distance covered; 231 miles with over 16,000ft of climbing (That’s the same as reaching Everest South Base camp!) What followed was 20 hours in the saddle, with stops for food and drink at the end of each lap. Temperatures dropped to around 4°C during the night, and there were some desperate, dark moments as the night rolled in, including tears, nearly falling asleep on the bike, lots of very lonely times and a near-intimate bike/sheep incident.

matthew-norris.jpgAround 6am on Sunday morning, I finished the bike ride and had 30 minutes sleep. Awake (ish) and partly refreshed, I began the ascent of Snowdon with my sister and best mate.

Feeling tired and a little lacking in energy, we made it to the top, got the all-clear from the medic and descended the mountain back to race HQ. I could quite happily have stopped there after 10 miles, but the run section was yet to come.

Another change of clothing into running shorts and trainers and the 8 laps of the lake began at about 11am. Each lap being just over 5 miles on and off road with 600ft of climbing on each lap. (Totalling more than the ascent of Snowdon). The laps wore on, and my support crew continued to provide amazing morale as the darkness once again descended. The last 3 laps were in the dark and to top it off, heavy rain started on the final lap! I didn’t care by then, it was done. I had conquered the Brutal Double.

40 hours 24 minutes. 11th out of 23 starters and my last ever Triathlon.

What a finale.

I can recommend this race to anyone, but make sure you have an amazing support crew. They were priceless.

Thanks to everyone who donated to my nominated charity; MS-UK, for which we raised over £800!

Feeling inspired?

Get in touch with today to find out more about fundraising for MS-UK, call us on 01206 226500 or visit our website to fill in our online form.

Colchester M&S choose MS-UK as charity of the year!

Posted on: August 07 2017

MS-UK were over the moon to receive a phone call back in March from Marks & Spencer Colchester saying that we had been selected as their charity of the year for 2017/18. Each year the store raises approximately £4,000 for good causes!


Staff nominate local good causes and a vote is cast to decide which charity the store is set to support. Staff picked MS-UK to show support for one of their store managers who is living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and coupled with the fact that MS-UK is local to Colchester – it was a clear winner!

Patrick Ablett and Zowie Guymer came to visit MS-UK to see first hand the services we provide to anyone affected by multiple sclerosis.

Patrick said, ‘I wish I had known about MS-UK when I had first been diagnosed, I had so many questions going through my mind. Seeing the centre for the first time gave me some light at the end of the tunnel, what a great team.’

MS-UK is a small national charity who supports anyone affected by MS. Locally Josephs Court, our wellness centre, offers specialised equipment which enables people living with MS to benefit from a tailored exercise programme which focuses on individual’s specific needs. The centre is much more than a gym, it provides a supportive environment for people living with MS who are facing similar challenges as well as being a great social hub too.

MS-UK also provides a helpline and publishes a magazine called New Pathways, both of which are available to anyone affected by MS. We support people emotionally and provide our clients with the information they need to make choices that are right for them so they can live life to the full.

Marks & Spencer Colchester will be raising money for MS-UK by having collection tins at the till points throughout the year as well as hosting a range of events and they have already raised over £500!

This Saturday there was a sponsored cycle in store, and a team of Marks & Spencer staff cycled their hearts out to raise awareness for the charity and raised over £560!

Staff and volunteers from MS-UK also joined in by offering shoppers a bag packing service in return for a small donation.

Jill Purcell, Fundraising Manager at MS-UK says ‘We are delighted to be working with Marks & Spencer Colchester. It’s fantastic to raise awareness of our brilliant charity locally as well as raising vital funds. MS-UK does not receive any government or pharmaceutical funding and we rely solely on our supporters to deliver our vital services to anyone affected by MS.’

Well done RideLondon-ers!

Posted on: July 31 2017

img_0451.jpgHello everyone, Yesterday (Sunday 30 July) we cheered our hearts out to support the dedicated cyclists who pedalled 100 miles for the Prudential RideLondon, and it was an amazing afternoon!

You can check out the photos on Facebook now!

Huge congratulations are in order for our MS-UK team who have trained so hard for the past months in all types of weather, cycling to conquer this prestigious event. We were so proud to see them all with a smile on their face as they went past our cheering point and on to the finish line in style.

The total funds raised so far have reached over the £2,000 mark and counting. This is a huge achievement and an amount that our riders have been working tirelessly to raise. We hope they all had a well-earned break after the race and they aren’t too achey today!

img_1053.jpgFor most of the fundraising team it was our first time seeing the event and we thoroughly enjoyed the day, cheering on our riders with our megaphones and rapper clappers from our cheering point on Whitehall.


We couldn’t support our MS-UK teams in the way that we do without our super volunteers, so here’s a massive thank you to them too! We are really lucky to have some regular key volunteers at our events, and it just wouldn’t be the same without them. We always need volunteers for events to help them run smoothly.

Of course, we’re opening applications for next year’s event straight away. So if you’re interested in cycling the Prudential RideLondon, get in touch with me by email or call on 01206 226500 and secure your place now!

Well done again to everyone who took part,

Best wishes,


Jenny Poulter

Events Fundraiser, MS-UK


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