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It's your last chance to order a collection box before Christmas!

Posted on: December 05 2017

img_1712.jpgWant to support MS-UK this Christmas? Grab a festive collection box today! Just email Jenny or call 01206 226500! Here are 5 festive fundraising ideas to help you fill it up...

  1. Host a Christmas jumble sale at your local village hall! Do you like to de-clutter in the approach to a new year? Ask your local village hall for permission to host a jumble sale, gather together some friends and family and take part in some festive flogging to raise money for MS-UK
  2. Are you gifted in the gift-wrapping department? Offer up your gift-wrapping services this Christmas and wrap gifts in exchange for a donation. You could even ask your local department store to let you set up a giftwrapping stall, if you provide paper and gift tags. Some happy shoppers will be elated to avoid their last-minute Christmas eve elf imitations!
  3. Water or Wine? Wrap up lots of empty wine bottles filled with water and a few still full of wine in Christmas wrapping paper. Take them to your work Christmas party and charge punters £1 per pinot-shaped parcel. This liquor lottery should raise a few pounds for MS-UK whilst making some party-goers very happy!
  4. Are you part of a musical ensemble or choir? Raise vital funds for MS-UK this Christmas by staging a small carol concert or musical performance at your local Church, pub or shopping precinct. We're even hosting our own concert this year in Essex! You can order tickets online today for the MS-UK carol concert!
  5. Host a bauble-fuelled bake sale. Bake some Christmas cakes and cookies with a group of friends and host a bake sale from your own home. Invite friends and family for some tea and cake and true to festive spirit you'll be helping others in your efforts. You may even have some left to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve :)

To receive your own fundraising pack and collection box in time for the Christmas period email Jenny or call 01206 226500!

Fundraiser of the Month: Glenn

Posted on: November 15 2017

glenn.jpgThis November, Glenn shares his fundraising story with us. Glenn is taking on three marathons in aid of MS-UK. Fundraising means a lot to Glenn, who is running for his mum Kelly, who lives with multiple sclerosis (MS). Here is his story...

Hello my name is Glenn Morrison and I am a welding apprentice from Aberdeenshire in Scotland, and I hope to raise £3,000 by running the Inverness, Dublin and London marathons for MS-UK .

My mum Kelly suffers from severe MS and was diagnosed almost 20 years ago. Sadly the decision was made that our mums level of care and risk was too high and she was to move into full time care. This was very hard for our family as mum felt we would never see her again.

That is why this fundraiser means so much. We wanted to show mum that we would still do anything for her.

We started organising fundraisers big and small aiming for people to get something back in return for sponsoring me. I started telling people why we were raising money and the response was unbelievable. People weren’t only donating money but raffle prizes, their time, support and advice on training and fundraising.

Some great advice to anyone fundraising would be, use the strengths of others! You don’t have to do everything yourself.

My sister loves to bake and we held a ‘homemade coffee and donuts day’. It went down better than expected and we raised £130. One of my mums best friends is great with arts and crafts and made a beautiful hamper with matching glitter Prosecco and glasses. We sold lucky squares for £3 each and the winner won the hamper, this raised £350. One of my friends decided they would do their own little fundraisers in their shop. She sold word searches for £1 each with prizes to be won. Her granny made home bakes and they sold them at the shop and put out buckets at the counters for small change. Small fundraisers soon mount up and she has raised over £300.

My work mates soon got in on the action and organised a bingo night at the local fish and chip shop would you believe! Everyone who attended received a fish supper before the bingo started and we held a raffle and bottle stall. The night was a huge success and raised £1,000.

The day after, our local football club let us hold the raffle for their quiz night and we raised another £300.

On Saturday 04 November I’m holding my next fundraiser, a dinner dance in aid of MS-UK. The organising is done and it is set to be another great night.

Since I started this challenge and have completed 2 out of the 3 marathons with only London to go. We have now passed our £3,000 target and we’re on track to raise a further £1,000 before the end of November. And we have made plans for our mum to travel down to London next year to see me finish the next marathon.

Although I am delighted to be fundraiser of the month I have to give credit to everyone that has put in so much of their time and effort for this cause. If it wasn’t for the support and encouragement of all my friends and family, our fundraising efforts would not be this successful.

Find out more about fundraising at MS-UK. Just call us on 01206 226500 or visit our website to complete our contact form.

Fundraiser of the month: Mel's story!

Posted on: August 15 2017

image002.jpgOur fundraiser of the month for August is Mel Foyle. She got in touch with us in April to tell us about a fundraising day that she was planning with raffles, games for the kids and food and drink. The event took place on the 01 July and was a great success!

My name is Mel Foyle and I have recently done a fundraising event for MS-UK.

A little bit about myself, I am 27 and I have a little girl called Millie who is 3 :)

I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 2015, but symptoms first started in 2011. At the start of the year, I made a resolution that I would raise some money and awareness for MS-UK. I wanted to do this because I've seen my friends' mum and her friend raise so much money for them and I wanted to do my bit as well. I also know how much this charity does and I wanted to do a UK based one, I never know when I will need their help.

I wanted to do my own fundraiser and I chose a family fun day! It took me a few months of organising, with help of family and friends of course - especially my 2 best friends and my mum.

The day started at 4.30pm at Thatcham Football Club. We charged people to get in and inside had stalls for cakes and sweets, a bar, a tombola and some games. We also had a DJ, and decorated the hall with balloons in purple, green, orange and white.

Outside we had a bouncy castle, an ice cream van, some more games and a big penalty shootout. I also held a raffle later on, with nearly 60 prizes ranging from evenings in London to meals out, family days, haircuts and beauty products. These sold very well! The plan was to also have a burger van, but after it was half an hour late we soon realised it wasn't going to turn up! I had to try and stay calm, and luckily my best friend and brother in law took it on themselves and went and got loads of food and a BBQ, so none of the worry was on me. My dad and father in law cooked away and managed to have it all under control, I'm lucky to have them all!


Overall we had around 100 plus people there and the weather was hot and sunny. It had been rubbish weather all week so I was happy when the sun decided to come out! Other than the burger van fiasco, the day went so smoothly! I feel really proud of myself that I managed to pull off such a good event and I will be doing it again for sure, just not for a while haha. But I will continue to try and raise money and awareness wherever I possibly can.

My final total, from the event and my JustGiving page, was a massive £1,790, which was way more than I ever expected! I couldn't have done it without my wonderful partner Chris, he has supported me through absolutely everything. Big thanks to Nick at MS-UK for all his support, help and advice from start to finish!


Afternoon tea for Volunteers' Week

Posted on: June 05 2017

img_0722_0.jpgHi everyone, Last Friday we hosted a small afternoon tea, to thank our local volunteers! This is part of the national Volunteers' Week campaign.

Guests included people who support our work at Josephs Court, fundraising volunteers as well as some of our Trustees! It was a great afternoon, with plenty of cake - all supplied by the Colchester branch of Marks & Spencer, who have nominated us as charity of the year - thank you!  

img_0121.jpgIt always amazes us how many people contribute to our work...we simply couldn't be the charity we are today without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. You can view our afternoon tea party photos on Facebook now.  

Best wishes, Jill and Sarah Fundraising Manager and General Manager

Bake up a storm!

Posted on: November 24 2016

cake-1.jpgAre you a dab hand in the kitchen?

If so, you could be on to a #GivingTuesday winner! Why not make some gingerbread men or your signature dish for the people in your office to enjoy and you will have done your ‘good stuff’ for the day! You could ask for donations to MS-UK in return!

This could be a great way to show off your cooking skills and bring cheer to the office. Get in contact with me as I would love to hear what you are baking for your colleagues!

Don’t forget to tweet us a picture of your baking prowess to @MSUK6 using the hashtag #GivingTuesday on the day!

Good luck!


Mark Drain

Community and Events Fundraiser

Top tips: Organising a Festive Frolic!

Posted on: October 10 2016


This winter will see bag packs, collections and festive get togethers happening across the country for our Festive Frolics campaign!


With that in mind I’ve put together a few tips to help you out with organising your Festive Frolic…

  1. What type of Frolic will you host?

Whether it’s a bag pack, coffee morning or collection; have a think about whose permission you need to host your event!

  1. What makes your Frolic Festive?!

You may want to use festive fancy dress or make some festive themed cakes! You could even decorate your event with tinsel, baubles and maybe even fake snow.

  1. Who will you invite?

If you are bag packing, find other keen fundraisers like yourself to help out! Or if you are hosting a party, invite work colleagues, friends and family.

  1. Advertise, advertise and advertise!

Get the word out there that you’re holding a Festive Frolic and encourage people to come along, the more the merrier!

  1. Make your Frolic a fundraising success!

Tell people about MS-UK and why their donations or support make a difference. We can send you everything you need to spread the word – just register your Festive Frolic today on our website.

I hope these tips help with your Festive Frolic! If you need any help do send me an email!


Fundraising Assistant

What kind of fundraiser are you?

Posted on: March 03 2016


It takes all sorts of people to make our work possible, so we want to know…what kind of fundraisers are you?

The Super Human
If it’s a challenge, you’re up for it. Jumping out of planes, running marathons, cycling hundreds of kilometres – you take it all in your stride. Some people would be put off by the pain and effort of it all, but there’s nothing quite like that feeling when you cross the finish line. In fact, why don’t we sign you up for the next ultra-marathon right now?

The Shameless Ask
Others may find asking for donations slightly embarrassing, but you’ll confidently stride up to anyone and ask for a contribution. Your gran, your boss, that bloke who owns the village shop, you used the gift of the gab to convince them all to donate to your last fundraising effort – and it paid off.

The Freebie Wrangler
There’s something about you that just makes people want to be generous. Businesses throw iPads, hampers and gift vouchers at your feet, and your collection bucket is full the second you step onto the street. Who said this fundraising malarkey was difficult?

The Big-Time Baker
You’ll happily fundraise for any cause because, well, who doesn’t like baking? Your Victoria Sponge is legendary and you’ve sold your cakes to everyone from the local Scout group to the big buck lawyers. People seem to love being generous when there’s butter cream involved.

The Social Butterfly
The best thing about fundraising is the opportunity to get everyone together, right? Whether it’s bingo, a club night or a pub quiz – if people are having fun you can fundraise without them even noticing. Throw a couple of drinks in and it sounds like you’ve got a winner. £5 a ticket? Count us in.

Whatever kind of fundraiser you are, if you’re passionate about helping us continue our vital work supporting anyone affected by multiple sclerosis, get involved today!

Monster Cup Cakes

Posted on: October 22 2015

Picture of a cupcake

So you want to hold a fundraising event for MS-UK you’re unsure where to start. We have loads of handy tips and ideas for you in our Halloween fundraising tool kit. But if you are still just looking for that something different, why not try these monster cupcakes! They are perfect for a bake sale, to sell to friends, at school or even on your coffee break in the office! You can download the recipe here.

Picture of the inside of the cupcake

Don’t forget we love to see photos of all your fundraising events. Send them in to me at I’m always here to help answer any questions you may have. Don’t forget to check the Do You Own Thing section of the website for more Halloween ideas! Anna Skipworth 01206 226 500

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