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Can you help save UK charities like MS-UK?

Jill head short.pngHi there!
We hope that you and your family are well in this difficult time.
The COVID-19 pandemic is having a catastrophic effect on UK charities leading to an estimated loss of £4 billion for the sector. Charities depend on income from fundraising events and thousands have been cancelled or postponed. For many charities, including MS-UK, the 26 April would have been the biggest fundraising day of the year thanks to the Virgin Money London Marathon, the world’s biggest one-day fundraising event which raised £66.4 million for charities in 2019.
In response, the UK’s mass participation sports event industry has come together to create The 2.6 Challenge, a nationwide fundraising campaign to Save the UK’s Charities. They are inviting the public to dream up an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26 and fundraise or donate to charities like us. It would be wonderful to have your support.
How can you help?

  1. Dream up an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26. That could be 2.6miles, 2.6K, 26 press-ups, 26 pancake flips, anything with a 2 and a 6. It really is up to you! Tell all of your social media friends you are taking part in the 2.6 challenge by downloading this free GIF and posting it on all your social media channels
  2. Head to our page to donate £26 or whatever you can afford or set up a fundraising page
  3. Ask all your family and friends to sponsor you and ask them to do their own 2.6 challenge
  4. Complete your challenge
  5. Share your photo or video of your challenge on social media with #twopointsixchallenge

Please find more information about The 2.6 Challenge by visiting
Thank you for continuing to support us, every penny raised will really make a difference to the lives of people living with multiple sclerosis.
Best wishes


Jill Purcell, MS-UK Fundraising Manager