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5 fearsome fundraising tips to kick off Halloween!

Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. (But at MS-UK the day's quite grand!)

Halloween is creeping ever closer. Soon the streets will be full of face-paint zombies, bedsheet ghosts and passable attempts at characters from horror films. It's a fearsomely fun time of the year that gives us mere mortals a fang-tastic opportunity to get creative with our fundraising!

Whether you host a haunted house party, create and sell a batch of creepy cupcakes, or you channel your inner Thriller and hold a sponsored dance-a-thon, there's plenty of ways to get involved! And don't worry - even the smallest of donations can make a huge difference to MS-UK!

Want to get started? Why not sink your teeth into our top five freaky fundraising tips!


1. Your Halloween costume can make or break a party! Get it right and you're already halfway done...


2. Hosting a pumpkin carving morning is a super-simple way to get people together. You'll also have enough pumpkin left over to whip up about a year's worth of soup.


3. Brushing up on your dance moves is always a good idea. Don't be afraid to bring your spooky shuffle to the dancefloor!


4. Just another day at the office... Getting work involved with your Halloween fundraising is never not fun!


5. Release your inner showperson. If Halloween isn't a time to get silly, when is?


If you want to kick off your own Halloween fundraiser, get in touch with Lucy who can help you every step of the way!