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5 apps that are perfect for lockdown




Boredom can really set in when we are unable to leave the house or have visitors. Thankfully, there are a few apps which have really come into their own recently, which allow you to communicate with friends and family, learn new things and generally have some fun! Here’s our roundup. You’ll find these on the App Store or Google Play.


Use your time at home to learn a new language - after all, last year there was a study which found learning a second language increases the brain volume of people with multiple sclerosis (MS). Duolingo aims to help you learn the basics of other languages, and the service also has community features that let you connect with other people who are learning the same language you are.


Even if you’re in total isolation you can still have a virtual gathering. It’s been popular with teenagers for a while, and now many adults are discovering virtual hangout app Houseparty. The app enables ‘shared experiences’ - games people can play with each other, or screen-sharing services that allow friends to watch TV together or go on dating apps.


Zoom is an easy-to-use video chat app on which lots of people can join together. It’s free but there is a premium tier too - though you won’t need it. The free version allows groups to chat for up to 40 minutes, but you can just redial and get another 40 minutes immediately.

Draw something

This app lets you connect remotely to your friends and have fun back and forth. Choose something to draw and watch while they try and guess what it is you’re penning. It’ll make the time pass quicker. 

Musée du Louvre Official App

Have you always wanted to explore the Louvre in Paris? Those plans have to go on hold for now, but you can access the beautiful artworks from the comfort of your own home with your smartphone. The museum’s official app will show you the paintings and you can learn about their history to enrich your mind.

Are there any apps that you’ve found useful? Let us know so we can share them with everyone!