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“One thing I’ve noticed is that I can smell the chemistry in my nose”

Scott McCormick reveals what his first day of HSCT treatment, for his multiple sclerosis, was really like

As I write this I am hooked up to the juice and will be here for a good few hours. My nurse Naghma has explained everything I need to know and what is going to be happening. This multiple sclerosis (MS) is going to be getting a good kicking. She also showed me how to administer the injections I showed you in my latest Vlog. I'll be doing those myself at home. It would seem a bit of podge on the belly is helpful and I have plenty of podge so I see no issues. It looks like all the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has come in handy at last. I had to do little pre bulking up for the procedure anyway, I had a six pack before this honest...pfft!

All is pretty straight forward so far and I am plugged in. They’ve given me the anti-sickness steroid and one thing I’ve noticed is that I can smell the chemistry in my nose. It’s a warm chemical pine wood smell. Not at all displeasing, just different.

Now the next drug is going in to help protect my bladder and kidneys, this is probably just over a pint or so of fluid, being slowly chuntered into my arm. If I wasn't writing this I'd be bored by now, so a good book is advised during this time.

I am now quite deep in to the Chemo drug and the machine sounds like it is going like the clappers by comparison to the two previous drugs. This chemo malarkey was at 1.3 litres, after the other drugs earlier. All done now, and feeling a wee bit wavy, but they do want me to stick around to be sure I am ok before I leave. Oddly enough, with all that extra fluid on board, I need a wee.

I have just walked across the room and my legs are more wobbly than usual, not that they were great before, but the difference is noticeable straight after. Still my mission was carried out successfully. I’m feeling hazy still, and I’ve had my heart rate (HR) and oxygen concentration checked. My resting HR is at 100, but this is due to the amount of extra fluids on board. After another couple of hours sat resting, well, jabbering with the lady next to me, who says lots of sleep is the best way through the main chemo, I left to head to the flat the hospital provides as part of the treatment.

I’ve just got back to the flat and I got some food from the shop around the corner on the way. I was glad for the paracetamol I picked up at the shop. I did get a stinking head ache as described by Naghma and I did go on to feel a bit icky later. I didn't get the best night’s sleep. I did however get a cheeky combat kip a bit later, just before I left. After that I felt much better and set off for the train to come home.

I did notice that my smell changed significantly during the chemo. I could smell the drugs in my nose as it was going in to my arm and I could smell it on my skin until I had my really long shower in the morning. With a good spray of Brut, the world was all good again.

I am home now and glad to be here. Thank you to everyone for their well wishes and support, it’s really appreciated. I’ll keep you all updated on my progress.