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“My daddy gave me a massive hug and told me so many people are proud of me!”

Meet Amber, our six-year-old Fundraiser of the month who’s just climbed SnowdoniaAmber Holmes.jpg

We were sat one day watching the Disney film Abominable where they eventually have to climb Mount Everest. “Can we climb Everest?” I asked my dad. He said, “You need to be a bit older and Daddy needs to be a bit fitter – why don’t we climb Mount Snowdon in Wales as a start?” I said, “This sounds like a great idea, let’s choose a weekend right now!" I knew I had to do some walks around Chelmsford to train and so the week before I walked eight miles in my boots for practice. 

When the weekend came, the weather was perfect! I was very excited and a bit nervous but knew I had to complete the task as so many people were supporting me.

The climb was steeper than we expected but we gritted our teeth and sometimes I had to use my hands to climb as well. It took two hours and 20minutes to get to the top. I was so happy to get there. I took a picture with my MS-UK jersey to show how proud I was.

We ate our lunch and then set off down the hill. On the way down the sheep kept making us laugh as they would stand on the train tracks and not move even when the train came.

Amber Holmes 2.jpgI had two falls on the way down where I cut my hands and knees but I knew I had to carry on. It took an hour and 50 minutes to get down, so in total it was four hours 10 minutes. My daddy gave me a massive hug and told me so many people are proud of me! I got a marshmallow ice cream at the finish.

My grandad had multiple sclerosis (MS) for 22 years and had such courage. Unfortunately, he passed away last October and I miss him a lot. I wanted to do something to make him proud and carry on his memory. I did it for MS-UK as they supported him and my family. They do wonderful things for people with MS. We managed to raise over £3,000 and are very thankful to all the people that cheered us on this very difficult task.

If you would like to take on your own challenge like Amber, and help to raise vital funds for MS-UK, then get in touch with Lucy on

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