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BackHug ‘backs’ MS-UK 925 Challenge

Why Team BackHug are supporting MS-UK’s 925 challenge, in homage to the company’s roots. BackHug.jpg

When the MS-UK team invited us to apply for the ‘925’ challenge, it was quite simply a no-brainer.

This was the perfect opportunity to push our physical capabilities to the next level and nurture our team spirit, while contributing to a cause that we cared about.

We have a strong bond with the multiple sclerosis (MS) community, ever since our founder Chongsu’s days as a physiotherapist.

When Judy Graham, MS-UK’s New Pathways’ editor, met Chongsu in 2013, long before he founded BackHug, little did they know that eight years later a much larger BackHug team would be running 925 kilometers to raise money for MS-UK.

Judy had discovered Chongsu in a Sunday Times article that described how Alison Peebles, a Scottish actress with Primary Progressive MS, who starred in Taggart and River City, benefited from Chongsu’s treatment.

Chongsu’s manual treatment focused on releasing tension from the centre of the back. This in turn would alleviate tension and painful symptoms throughout the rest of the body.

Using his engineering skills, Chongsu went on to create a robotic device which replicated that manual technique. Around 40 units of the first version were released to people with MS in 2017, just before Christmas.

Since our article earlier this year, where we shared our reasons for partnering with MS-UK, we have gone on to deliver the latest BackHug device to customers across the UK, 85% of whom, like June who featured in this article, are living with MS.

Fast forward to today, and June Roger is benefiting greatly from using BackHug at home. Here’s what she had to say about her experience so far:

“Since starting to use the BackHug (approximately 5 times per week) I have found that my body feels much looser and less rigid, especially in my neck and shoulders, allowing me to find daily tasks, such as reaching for items, much easier. As well as that, I have found that my spasms and pain, which used to be nearly constant, have almost disappeared!”

We are grateful for this opportunity to further support the MS community both through the 925 challenge and the £50 donations we make for every BackHug subscription we receive.

What is BackHug?

BackHug is a smart back care device with 28 robotic fingers that you can operate via Bluetooth with our smartphone App. It is designed to release tension from the centre of your back and shoulder blades, alleviating aches and pains throughout the entire body.

For more information, please visit our website at

*BackHug is classed as an electrical appliance, not as a medical device. It does not claim any medical benefits for any medical conditions.