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Thank you to all our 2018 Virgin Sport British 10k runners!

Posted on: July 16 2018

B 10k 18.jpgOn Sunday a team of 50 people braved the scorching heat to complete the Virgin Sport British 10k for MS-UK and turn the streets of London purple!

The runners included eight from Carter Backer Winter (CBW), an accountancy firm based in the capital who have named MS-UK as their charity of the year, and a team of 30 Slimming World members who have so far raised an enormous £12,528! One of the members who lives with multiple sclerosis (MS) took part in her self-propelled wheelchair and managed to walk the last ten metres, bringing tears to the eyes of friends and family, as well as the spectators who had gathered to watch.

The atmosphere on the day was electric! Live music was played at every kilometre to motivate runners and keep the party going!  A huge thank you to our volunteers for their cheerleading, whistle blowing and megaphone shouting in support of the MS-UK team. We couldn’t do these events without your support.

Lucy, our Community Fundraiser, took part in the race with her mum, brother and friends. She said: ‘We all had so much fun running the British 10k and representing #TeamPurple yesterday.

‘It was a scorching hot day but there was plenty of water being handed (and squirted!) out to help us on our way.

‘The atmosphere was absolutely amazing. There were drummers and DJs, and the MS-UK cheer point at the 5km mark was the loudest by far!’

#TeamPurple all have their own personal reasons for running the Virgin Sport British 10k for MS-UK, but are united by the fact they have all made a huge difference with the funds they have raised. Thanks to your support, we can keep providing our unique services to anyone affected by MS across the UK.  

Jenny, Events Fundraiser.

Have our runners inspired you to take on a new challenge? Take part in an event for MS-UK today!

Take on a challenge!

BBC Look East hosts NHS70 debate live...

Posted on: July 12 2018

BBC Look East presenter Susie with LMay.jpgOur very own Laura May reports back from the BBC Look East panel debate about the future of the NHS...

Last week, I went along to a live BBC Look East television panel debate all about the future of our National Health Service, to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS.

Hosted at the new Anglia Ruskin School of Medicine in Chelmsford, the event was broadcast live on BBC Look East on BBC1 in the East of England at 6.30pm. Radio Essex were also live from the lecture theatre.

The debate, which was led by presenter Susie Fowler-Watt, posed questions about the future of the NHS. The primary focus was on funding, as may be expected, but from the debate there was no clear answer to the funding gap that now faces the NHS. Some treatments, deemed ‘cosmetic’, were seen as a possible area to cut costs, while Susie also called into question the number of management staff involved in the running of the NHS, rather than medical professionals.

Something all of the panel and audience seemed proud of was the cornerstone of our health system – the NHS was launched on the premise that treatment would be ‘free’ at the point of entry, paid for overall by taxes. There seemed to be a strong feeling that this should continue, but no knowledge of how to keep the service this way for the future.

It was a great experience to watch ‘live’ broadcasting, and I came away from the event proud of our NHS and how it supports people across the country every single day. I am, however, concerned that it will be those that cannot afford treatment who will suffer if we begin to charge a fee for healthcare. But for now, the NHS remains free at the point of entry.

If you would like to information about NHS services in your area, please get in touch with the MS-UK Helpline. You can call us on 0800 783 0518, email us or use our live web chat service.

What barriers do you face to feeling happier and healthier in your life with MS?

Posted on: July 09 2018

Take our survey today imageThis year, MS-UK will be coming to the end of our current Strategy, and right now we're exploring what we should focus on in the next three years. But we need your help to get it right, and make sure that the wider MS community is included every step of the way!

Please take our short survey today and let us know what barriers you face to feeling happier and healthier in your life with MS. Perhaps you feel there is a vital MS service missing? Maybe you believe MS-UK could raise awareness of multiple sclerosis among the general public? We'd like to know your opinions, and use your voice to shape our work in the next three years. 

Your voice matters. Thank you for sharing it with MS-UK!


Paralympic athlete announces accessible clothing design collaboration with fashion brand ASOS

Posted on: July 06 2018

Chloe Ball-Hopkins - ASOS 1.jpgChloe Ball-Hopkins, GB Paralympic athlete, has announced on Twitter that she has been working with the fashion label ASOS to produce a range of clothing specifically designed for people with disabilities.

Announcing the news on Twitter yesterday, Chloe said: 'So over the last several months I have been working with @ASOS to create a fashionable, yet practical waterproof all in one! Not just for people like me in a chair but for anyone. It's about making fashion accessible!'

She was quickly inundated with positive reactions from her followers, with many thanking her for her efforts.

One follower said: 'Thank you so much! I love it so much! We need more people like you!'

Helen Eccles said: 'Brilliant! This is the most positive tweet to have appeared in my feed all week. We need more fashion companies to embrace accessibility (in its widest sense) to meet the needs of all their customers.'

The jumpsuit, which is part of ASOS’s DESIGN range costs £50.00. However, it is no ordinary jumpsuit. It’s been adapted to be wheelchair friendly, with the jacket and trousers zipping together, and a hem which is little longer at the back to stops it from riding up. It is also fully waterproof, including the zips and has adjustable cuffs and sleeve lengths. Not only is its tie-dye design fashionable and reflect festival style, it has a soft jersey lining which offers comfort and warmth too.

Accessible clothing ranges are few and far between and they aren’t always as fashion forward as many of the high-street ranges available for able bodied people.

Chloe said she thought the zip around the waist top and bottom would make it easier to get in and out of and the cuffed ankles allow for shorter people and wellies. The top also has a waterproof pocket for a phone or medical stuff. 'The key is its fashion that’s accessible, not for [the] disabled,' she added.

NHS at 70 and the next 70 years...

Posted on: July 05 2018

Hello,Photo of Laura May from MS-UK

This evening I have been invited to attend a live television panel debate about the future of the NHS, as the country marks the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service. 

Back in 1948, the NHS was launched on the premise that treatment would be ‘free’ at the point of entry, paid for overall by taxes. The new service saw 97% of the public register with their local doctor and this meant the policy makers of the day saw the NHS as a glorious success. (1)

So, this evening I will be sitting the in audience as BBC Look East broadcast their live debate from 6.30pm. They will be exploring questions about the cost of the NHS, its future and what it may look like in the future. I am interested to hear what some people think the answers may be...perhaps higher taxes, charges for certain treatments, privatisation?

I would like to know what you think and how you imagine the NHS in the future? Please join our discussion on Facebook at and let me know your thoughts.

I will write a follow up blog after this evening and let you know where you can watch the debate and what topics crop up, but until then I say ‘Happy Birthday!’ to the NHS!


Laura May, Marketing Manager

(1) BBC, A brief history of the NHS

How the power of Tarot gave one supporter the chance to raise money for MS-UK...

Posted on: July 04 2018

Lucy Kruyer - Tarot Night - rotate.jpgThere are plenty of benefits to being able to find answers to life's big questions. You could find out who you're destined to fall in love with, whether you are on the right track in your career, or if you really needed that Grillmaster 3000 after another late-night panic buy. For Lucy Kruyer, the power of divination has proved to have benefits beyond tapping into the realm of the transcendental - she found it is a great tool to raise money for MS-UK too!

On Wednesday 13 June, Lucy held her 6th Tarot reading night in aid of charity and raised an incredible £200 for MS-UK, the most she has ever received in a single night! Her guests, who for a few hours became psychic explorers under her guidance, were treated to individual Tarot Card readings that looked into their past, present and future. It wasn't until midnight that the adventure came to an end!

Lucy said: 'I have done lots of these nights to raise money for charities in the past, but raising money for MS-UK felt extra special.

'I do it [the charity readings] to give something back. Readings bring me an income and I feel blessed by the people who come to me and trust me to give them open honest time and messages. I am blessed to have the life I have - others are not so fortunate. I went through a brain tumour and it made me see life in a very different light. I’m so lucky to be alive and kicking, and if I can make a difference to one person’s life in any way I can then it was worth every hour spent.'