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Thinking of buying a new home?

Posted on: February 29 2016

Location, Location, Location has been running for 15 years and are now in pre-production for their 19th series. The programme’s main focus is to help members of the public to buy their dream home, with the expert assistance of their presenters, Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp.

As a production company they are constantly striving to represent all areas of society in the UK and they are keen to find new ways to widen their search when getting their message to the general public. Channel 4 was set up to champion diversity in its many guises and the production team want to be representative of communities up and down the country.

If anyone would like to apply to be on the show, you can email: for an application form.

Taking control of MS - our new film!

Posted on: February 26 2016

Hi everyone,

I am really pleased to say we have a new film on our You Tube channel!

The film, called ‘Taking control of MS’ was filmed at an event we held last year. Our clients took part in a Ride 250 fundraising challenge at our Wellness Centre, Josephs Court, back in October, and the lovely film crew from Big Picture Charity Films came along for the day and filmed it all!

MS-UK is here to support anyone affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) to have choice, control and independence, and it was great to hear how our clients are taking control of their own MS journeys in their own ways…it makes me proud to be part of the team here!

I hope you enjoy the film, and a massive thank you to everyone who took part!

Best wishes,


Centre Manager, Josephs Court

MS-UK Summer Ball

Posted on: February 25 2016


Our annual Summer Ball is happening this year on 08 July at Le Talbooth in Dedham; set deep in the heart of Constable Country, this is an idyllic venue.

The evening will include drinks on the lawn, a three course meal, live entertainment and a DJ as well as a raffle and auction with some amazing prizes up for grabs – plus you get to spend the evening with us lovely people!

If you’d like to join us for this spectacular evening then you can get our limited Spring offer of £65 a seat if you book now, just email Mark at or call 01206 226500.

Alternatively, if you can’t make the night but would like to support us, why not contribute a raffle prize? If you have any ideas of what you could donate then just get in touch!

Colchester recce

Posted on: February 24 2016

20160224_104022.jpgThe fundraising team went out this week to recce the route for the Colchester Half Marathon. This is our first event of the year, and my first event ever with MS-UK, so I was excited to see what the route would be and where I could expect to be cheering on the runners.

I’ve only been here for two weeks but it has been fascinating seeing the different and innovative ways our fundraisers think of to support us. From running and cycling challenges to bingo nights, netball tournaments and office collections, it’s amazing to see how our supporters can find a way to fundraise that works for them.

At other charities I’ve worked with fundraising has often felt quite distant from the fundraisers, and what I’ve noticed about MS-UK is that we get to know fundraisers as individuals, supporting all your efforts and getting to know who you are in the process. It’s something I love about working here, and hopefully something you appreciate when fundraising for us!

For this reason I can’t wait for the Colchester Half Marathon and the opportunity to meet, and support, some of our fundraisers in the flesh.

If you’d like to join us to cheer on our runners on the day, and meet some of the team in the process, then contact me at and I’ll let you know the details. It will be great to have as many supporters as possible to make the MS-UK presence known on our home turf!


Do you have something you want to say? We're listening...

Posted on: February 17 2016

Hi everyone,

You may have received my email earlier this week, but I thought I’d share our news on this blog too!

This year we are going to create an information resource for people newly diagnosed with MS. But I want this resource to be different. Rather than something that is full of statistics and cold hard facts, I want our resource to share real insight and experiences. We will of course ensure we cover everything people need to know but we also want to be able to share hints and tips that can only be known by people that have been there – and that’s you!

I’m sure you remember what receiving a diagnosis was like for you or someone you know, and have views on what was useful and what you wish you had been told early on.

Please share your experiences today in our online survey. It will take about ten minutes, and really help us shape our new resources.

We will then use the results to help us draft our new information resource. Once we have our draft we will be sharing it with our VIP’s to make sure it truly reflects the voices of real people affected by MS.

Over 100 people have already completed the survey – thank you so much!

Together we can empower people affected by MS to make choices that are right for them,


P.S. The survey closes at 4pm on 10 March 2016.

#SmileswithMyles is here...

Posted on: February 15 2016


So, I thought it was about time I pawed my first blog for MS-UK…my name is Myles, and I am the mascot!

I spend a lot of time with the team from MS-UK, visiting people and places, but I also get out and about with our supporters, fundraisers and clients. I now even have my own Instagram account!

Follow my adventures today at!

Here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve been up to lately…

If you have a mini Myles, be sure to email me your photos to so I can add them to this account. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #SmileswithMyles if you share them on Twitter or Facebook!


Love from Myles the MS-UK Mascot

MS-UK calls on the knit and natter group for new bear outfits!

Posted on: February 12 2016

As this is the year of the bear at MS-UK, I visited the lovely ladies of the Great Bromley WI knit and natter group to have a talk about creating some bespoke outfits for Myles, our lovable mascot.

Mary with the first Myles outfit at the Great Bromley WI knit and natter group!

Mary at the WI group, who I have been chatting to for some time now, invited me to stop by for a cuppa (and cake of course!) and explain all about MS-UK and the work we do supporting anyone affected by multiple sclerosis.

The knit and natter group were keen to learn about our Helpline and our centre in Essex, Josephs Court. Of course I left them a stack of New Pathways magazines too, as Myles is the cover star this month!

I have to say I got a very warm welcome, and lots of ideas were flying around…from ‘running Myles’ who may sport some purple sweat bands, to ‘swimming Myles’ who definitely needs some trunks!

Now, I am on a mission to get some purple wool donated to the Great Bromley WI group so they can get started! Then I will be dressing up our mini Myles bears with all of his new outfits, and selling these amazing creations in the MS-UK online shop. All of the profits will come to MS-UK, and help us continue our vital work.

I can’t wait to see what outfits the group comes up with, and I will keep you posted on this blog!

Best wishes,

Laura May

Marketing Manager, MS-UK

Love is in the air...

Posted on: February 11 2016

Well it’s that time of year again – love is in the air along with hearts and flowers and it’s not restricted to us humans! Our lovely mascot bear Myles knows how to woo the hearts with his lovely cute black nose and big beady eyes. To make our mini Myles a little bit more special for this Valentine’s, a hand crafted felted heart has been added to his chest along with his cheery red ribbon neck tie.

Crafting those little extra touches on our mascot bears, is for me a real pleasure in life as you could say I am a ‘craft addict’! When the charity was celebrating its 21st birthday Myles was transformed by bow ties for the boys and tutu’s and flowers for the girls – they were limited edition – were you lucky enough to get one of them? Next came your turn – we asked for you to make an outfit for Myles and we had some super entries with the winner being a jester!

So bringing crafting into my day job as a Helpline advisor gives me a lot of pleasure, but equally I want to say that no matter how large or small the project, everyone can benefit from doing something. At the very least using your hands to create is a form of exercise for the hands and arms and at best, stimulation for the brain. So go create, you don’t have to be good at it (but you can get better with practice) but seeing something grow or form in front of your eyes is so satisfying and the ‘feel good’ factor is priceless.

You never know, you might be a budding artist, sculptor or just a knitting nanny – enjoy!

Hope you send lots of love this Valentine’s Day,


Visit the MS-UK shop to get hold of a limited edition felt heart Myles teddy bear this week!


MS Helpline sees a 40% increase in use over past year

Posted on: February 10 2016

National multiple sclerosis charity, MS-UK, celebrates their live web chat service after seeing a 40% increase in Helpline use over the past year.

MS-UK, the national charity supporting anyone affected by multiple sclerosis to make the most of today, is celebrating growth and promoting their live web chat service this week.

The live web chat service was launched in 2015 and 13% of contacts to the MS-UK Helpline went through this channel last year. Between 2014 and 2015, the charity experienced an almost 40% increase in the amount of people who used the MS-UK Helpline, and the live web chat service enables MS-UK to meet this demand.

By talking to people via web chat, and reducing the number of those contacting the Helpline on social media, MS-UK can be there for people all over the world while ensuring confidentiality. People get information instantly in the same way as calling the MS-UK Helpline, but it is all online.

Amy Woolf, MS-UK Chief Executive said, ‘I am very proud that MS-UK is the first national multiple sclerosis charity to provide a web chat service. The fact that take up has been so high is testament to the need for this service and the positive feedback we have had to date has proven its value. We are committed to providing people affected by MS with the information and support they need, when they need it and how they need it.’

Since 1993, MS-UK has offered information and support to anyone affected by multiple sclerosis via telephone. The MS-UK Helpline is confidential, unbiased and completely free.

Laura Amiss-Smith, MS-UK Helpline Supervisor said ‘I think the live web chat service is brilliant! It provides an invaluable service to people affected by MS, allowing the chance to be able to chat to us on the Helpline where they may not have previously felt able. For example, MS can affect a persons’ speech which can sometimes make telephone conversations difficult, the web chat service has opened up a new avenue of communication making our service even more accessible to all.’

Find out more about the MS-UK Helpline and the live web chat service online at

New Pathways musings

Posted on: February 10 2016

Well would you look at that, February’s already here and we’re almost halfway through.

Where does the time go, eh?

Well, while Myles might be happy just sitting around with his paw in a jar of honey of a morning (I swear it’s the only thing he learnt from reading Pooh books), some of us are already going full steam ahead on the next issue of New Pathways.

Next issue, I hear you cry? But we’ve hardly had time to get to know this one!

Good point.

Maybe I should take a moment to reflect on what has been a very well received issue.

So what did we look at?

Well, for a start we made Myles a cover star. He won’t stop going on about it and people keep approaching him wanting a paw print – but the real reason is it’s the Year Of The Bear at MS-UK, and we really wanted to let you know about it!

What else did we mention?

Well, there was Myles’ mate Jay Denton and her expedition over the roof of the O2 Arena in London, our friends at Bikers With MS and Scooterists With MS took time out from their travels to explain what help and support they offer to MSers on Facebook and the Wheelyboat Trust introduced us to new ways to mess about on the water.

Then there was the great news that chocolate might be good for you!

And as if all that wasn’t enough, there was the small matter of that Panorama programme…

Looking back – do you know what? That wasn’t a bad issue.

I think Myles can be quite proud of being on the cover of that one.

Right, while you enjoy New Pathways 95 at your leisure, I’ll be cracking on with issue 96.

Can anyone teach my cat how to make a pot of tea?

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