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Meet the MS-UK team...

Posted on: November 30 2015

Hi everyone,

We have just added a new page to our website which includes profiles of our team members.

Read profiles of all the MS-UK team members!

So, you can find out a bit more about who works at MS-UK, and even read the profile of our loveable mascot, Myles!

Check it out on our website now at 

Laura x

Marketing Manager, MS-UK

How to #WearYourWoolly - a short video by Anna!

Posted on: November 26 2015

OK, so taking part in #WearYourWoolly is really easy…I have even made a short video showing you the steps…

  1. Pick something woolly to wear!
  2. Take a selfie
  3. Donate by texting WINT15 £2 to 70070 or donate online
  4. Share your selfie and nominate your friends and family to get involved!

If you can make a better film than me (it shouldn’t be too hard!) then do share it with me – just email me at!

I can’t wait to see your films and selfies!
Anna x

Fundraising Administrator, MS-UK

In this issue of New Pathways...

Posted on: November 25 2015

You may have noticed something dropping onto your mat a little earlier than expected this week.

No, not a card from Aunt Petunia (is it me or does she send them earlier every year?), but the last New Pathways of 2015.

So what delights await within this issues pages?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

We talk to Hannah Laycock about her photography work, Hanya Gordon takes the time to praise the work of her GP, we find out about the great work Dance For Health are doing in Amsterdam, Phil Grace tells us all about his radio show and Vicky Mainprize tells us all about her holiday in Devon.

On top of that, there’s all the latest news, Daisy Zoll’s brownie recipe and Fleur tells us how we can make our homes look festive without much effort or cost.

Oh, and the #WearYourWooly campaign gets a mention – don’t forget to Tweet us your selfies!

Right, you settle down with a cuppa and a brownie and have a good ol’ read – I’ll be cracking on with the first issue of 2016…

(Don’t forget you can subscribe now and still get the latest issue – just go to or call us on 01206226500).

Til next time…


Editor, New Pathways magazine

Forget Star Wars, it’s time for Penny Wars!!!

Posted on: November 24 2015

pennywars.pngI’m a firm believer that fundraising doesn’t have to be difficult and the best ways can be the simplest and often turn out to be the most fun!

A great office or student fundraiser can be a game of penny wars. Each team or contestant has a clear jar. The aim of the game is to fill your jar with 1p coins, the more pennies the more points. However, you can sabotage other players’ jars by giving them negative points, a coin that is anything other than a 1p. For example, drop a 20p coin into another player’s jar and that amounts to 20 negative points.

The winner is the person with the most amount of pennies in their jar, it’s really competitive which makes it a fantastic office or university fundraiser and everyone can get involved.

Now sending in jars of pennies isn’t the safest (or cheapest!) way to get your funds to us. But you can send a cheque payable to MS-UK and our address is MS-UK, Unsworth House, Hythe Quay, Colchester, CO2 8JF.

Just be sure to include a note to let us know who has sent it and how you raised the money. Then we can send you a certificate to say thank you!!

If you have any easy fundraising ideas that you want to share, or have taken part in one, don’t forget you can email me any time, I’d love to hear from you!

And let the Penny Wars commence!


01206 226 500

#WearYouWoolly hall of fame is now open!

Posted on: November 23 2015

Hi everyone,

Already you have been amazing at taking some #WearYourWoolly selfies, and I’m pleased to say our hall of fame is now open on the MS-UK Facebook page.



Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding any photos which appear on our Facebook or Twitter pages to the hall of fame, so make sure you snap your selfie and make your donation!

View the photo album on our Facebook page now

Thanks to everyone who has got on board so far, we can’t wait to see more #WearYourWoolly selfies!

Laura x

Marketing Manager, MS-UK

P.S. Did you know you can download the social media button from our website, so you can use it for your profile image on Facebook and Twitter? Just visit today!

Calling all crafty ones!

Posted on: November 19 2015

col_2111a_sm.jpgYou can get your very own Myles the bear knit kit today in our online shop.

This complete knit kit includes everything you need to dress Myles up in a snuggly jumper, including needles, DK wool, an MS-UK pin badge and of course a Myles bear!

The kit costs £15.00 including postage and packaging, and will make an excellent gift to yourself or a loved one. Limited stock available, so order today!

Visit our website today to get your knit kit.

Top five MS stories in the news right now...

Posted on: November 18 2015

Jack the New Pathways cat checks the latest MS stories

There are multiple sclerosis stories breaking all the time, so here’s a quick roundup of the top five stories I’ve seen in the past week.

The MS Trust reports on the critical challenges facing the NHS
A report published by the MS Trust has determined that the Britain’s National Health Services (NHS) programs relied upon by people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) are facing increasing pressures that could lead to inequities in care.
Collecting data from 16 MS teams who provide services for more than 15,000 people living with MS, the Trust’s three-year GEMSS evaluation project demonstrated the vital service provided by MS specialist nurses and the value they deliver, highlighting the challenges they face in providing care.
Read more of this story on our website

Launch of the Good Pharma Scorecard (GPS)
Bioethics International have launched a Good Pharma Scorecard (GPS), a system designed to independently rank biopharmaceutical companies and new drugs based on key ethics, human rights, and public health criteria, beginning with R&D and clinical trial transparency. This framework has been developed over the last six years and Bioethics International is now expanding the rankings to include drugs approved in other years as well as additional trial sponsors.
Read more of this story on our website

Cognitive assessment linked to quality of life
Performance in daily activities can be predicted using the Brief International Cognitive Assessment for Multiple Sclerosis (BICAMS) assessment, according to findings published in the Multiple Sclerosis Journal.Researchers from the Kessler Foundation examined 41 patients with MS and 32 healthy controls in order to examine whether BICAMS would be able to predict daily living using Actual Reality (AR) in people with MS. The participants were tested with BICAMS.
Read more of this story on our website

DIY SOS army reservists build path for man living with MS
A group of eighteen army reservists laid a new track for wheelchair-bound Jeremiah Sheenan, from his house, across the green, to the pavement.
Jeremiah, who lives with MS, said he had been “humbled” by how the community rallied around to help him.
Read the whole story on the Southwark News website

Chocolate could reduce MS fatigue
Researchers are looking to see whether chocolate can reduce fatigue – one of the most common symptoms in people living with MS. In the study, MS society-funded experts will give subjects a hot chocolate drink rich in flavonoids, which are believed to help reduce inflammation.
Read more of this story on our website

In the next edition of New Pathways I’ll be covering the latest news and research in more depth, so don’t forget to subscribe before the end of the month.

Editor, New Pathways

Win Win Win!

Posted on: November 17 2015

Don’t miss out on your chance to win the top prize of £1000 from the MS-UK Winter Draw! It’s easy to get your tickets and you could be getting a call on Christmas Eve – what a fantastic start to your Christmas celebrations.

Just follow these easy steps:
1. Click here to buy your tickets
2. Click continue and pay for your tickets via PayPal
3. You will receive a confirmation email with your draw ticket numbers
4. You are now entered in the Winter Draw

Don’t forget, we have some fabulous runner up prizes as well! Lots of chances to win!!

You can also buy tickets by calling me on 01206 226500 or email for more information.

Will you be a winner??


Watch our film and see why our Winter Appeal matters...

Posted on: November 16 2015

In all the fun and excitement of our #WearYourWoolly campaign, we don’t want to forget just why our Winter Appeal matters so much. It matters because we want to make sure we’re here to support anyone affected by multiple sclerosis (MS).

To get an idea of how important our work is, watch the MS-UK Helpline film today and hear Jennie’s story, and Angela and Shawn’ story.

You can donate online now to our Winter Appeal, and help us continue our vital work. Thank you!

Visit our JustGiving campaign page now.


Last chance to win a goody bag.

Posted on: November 13 2015


MS-UK goody bag

Be in with a chance of winning an amazing goody bag; just follow these quick and easy steps:

1. Go to our Winter Draw page and buy as many tickets as you wish, the more you get the more chance of winning

2. You will be entered into the prize draw to win a MS-UK goody bag, which will include some awesome bear ears, a cuddly Myles, a wristband and many more fantastic items.

3. You will also be entered into the main draw to win £1000

To win a goody bag buy some Winter Draw tickets here, deadline is tonight at midnight for the goody bag so don’t miss out on this fantastic prize giveaway.