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The great cannabis debate…

Posted on: October 12 2015

Picture of New Pathways magazine Issue 93 Cover

ew Pathways magazine issue 93 cover

In the latest issue of New Pathways we are tackling a well known taboo – the great cannabis debate. When we thought about doing an update on cannabis for MS, we never realised there would so much to share. But there is.

We look at both sides of the debate, look at new and existing treatments and hear from people about their own experiences. At MS-UK, we don’t believe that any subject should be a taboo and we are not advocating anything, and I hope you find this issue really informative so you can make your own choices.

But the story doesn’t end there – we’d still love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Does it help you? Or maybe you’ve tried it and you didn’t feel any benefits. Or perhaps you don’t think it should be used as a treatment at all.

Whatever your views and experiences, you can share them with us here at New Pathways. Just drop us a line or two at

We look forward to hearing from you

Editor, New Pathways

World MS Day 2015

Posted on: October 09 2015

On 27 May 2015, around the globe people celebrated World MS Day. Thank you to all of our supporters and the MS community around the world who celebrated with us and helped us spread a positive message.

What MS-UK did to celebrate
We launched a new film, ‘We’re Here’. The film aims to tell people all about MS-UK and the services we offer, so that people living with multiple sclerosis know that we’re here.

Subtitled Version
Audio Description Version

Why launch a new film on this day?
World MS Day brings the global MS community together to share stories, raise awareness and campaign with and for everyone affected by multiple sclerosis.
There are 2.3 million people with MS worldwide, although it is likely that many hundreds of thousands more remain undiagnosed. We believe that living with MS shouldn’t be a barrier to having a happy life, and our professional services are here to support people to have choice, control and independence. That’s why we launched our film on World MS Day, with accessible versions, to celebrate and join in with the MS community across the world.

Together we’re #strongerthanMS

This year’s theme was Access
Equality of access doesn’t just mean physical access to buildings, but access to the same tools, services and facilities that people who don’t have MS enjoy.

The campaign theme for 2015, developed by staff at the MS International Federation, was access: access to diagnosis, treatment and support; access to buildings, travel and leisure facilities; and access to education, training and employment.

Purple Pants

Posted on: October 09 2015

Hanya in her purple pants

Thank you for being brave enough to wear your #purplepants!

During MS Awareness Week we asked people to spread a positive message about multiple sclerosis. Over the week you posted over 150 #purplepants selfies and helped us raise awareness of MS in the UK.

Supporters included West Ham United FC, Paralympic medallist Stephanie Millward and BBC’s People’s Strictly star Trishna Bharadia, and it was amazing to receive such tremendous support from the public.

Check out the MS-UK #purplepants selfies on our Facebook page.

MS-UK believes that having MS shouldn’t be a barrier to a happy life, and you made our #purplepants campaign a success.

Thank you!

Meet Kahn, our New Pathways editor

Posted on: October 09 2015


Kahn , Edtor of New Pathways

Right, got to write a profile for the website. Got to write about myself. Should be easy…

Ha ha, look at the pigeon on the bird table.

No, stop it. Come on, concentrate. I’ve been writing for almost 20 years, this should be easy.

Well, not 20 years non-stop, obviously. That would be daft. I’ve had meal breaks. And sleep.

Oooh, meal breaks. Must be time for breakfast. Back in a sec.

Whoever had the idea of putting bits of chocolate in bite-sized weetamathingies is a genius.

Right, where was I?

Ahh, yes, writing about myself. Less fun than it sounds, but needs doing.

Oh would you look at that – my cup’s empty. If I could train my cat to operate a tea pot I’d be a millionaire.

Hang fire. Don’t go away.

Where would we be without tea, eh? Wandering about like zombies, that’s where.

Anyway, right, where we at…

Nope, this profile hasn’t written itself in my absence. Damn.

Honestly, why is this so tricky? I’ve written for newspapers and magazines, I’ve interviewed rock stars and politicians, this should be a piece of…
…oh dear, the cat’s trying to catch a squirrel. This can’t end well.

Nope, better intervene.

Might as well get another cuppa on my way through.

Dum de dum de dum de dum.

Ha ha, that almost sounds like the Archers theme tune. Well, OK, not quite, but it could. If you squint a bit.

Stop it. Profile. Write it. Come on.

Great, now the cat wants in.

It’s so much easier (well, for the most part) writing about other people. That’s why I do it, I guess. Other people’s stories are fascinating, and hopefully inspiring. I’d much rather write about someone else, tell their story.

Bit like a photographer, hiding behind the lens. Only I’m hiding behind a pen. Well, keyboard, but you get my point. Not that I like having my picture taken either, as it goes.

Darn, would you look at the time? I’ve got stuff to write for New Pathways.

I’ll write this profile later. I’m sure it’s not urgent or anything.

21 years of MS-UK

Posted on: October 09 2015

MS-UK 21 Years Logo

In 2014, we celebrated 21 years of supporting people affected by MS.

Since 1993, we’ve been on hand to support anyone affected by multiple sclerosis to live life to the full. We provide professional, high quality services to support people living with MS, such as the MS-UK Helpline and our New Pathways magazine, and we run Josephs Court, the MS-UK Centre of Excellence.

Our mission is to put people affected by MS at the heart of our work. We recognise that each one is an individual who has needs, rights and choices. We provide information, we listen, we are caring and compassionate and we offer professional and transparent services.

Thank you to everyone who has supported MS-UK on this journey so far.

• Read our timeline (PDF version)
• Listen to an interview with John Simkins, the man who started it all


Easy Rider!

Posted on: October 08 2015

Michael and Aimee – Ride250

This Saturday will see the clients of our wellness centre, Josephs Court, take on Ride 250 which is a specialised bike ride using Thera bikes. Our team of 40 will be aiming to ‘ride’ 250 miles between them over the course of 8 hours and will be hoping to raise £10,000 to purchase a new Thera bike.

We are having the local press and film crew coming down for the event, lights, camera, action, starring our wonderful clients (and me!!).

It’s going to be a day packed with fun, sweat, laughter and food (looking forward to the scones, jam and cream, yummy!!). I am really proud of our clients for taking part in this amazing event and being determined to ride 250 miles.
Josephs Court is a fantastic place and to see our clients come to our wellness centre week in, week out, to use the specialised equipment and take some control over their MS is truly remarkable and I feel proud and privileged to be part of their journey.

If you would like to help support the event, you can donate here and we will update you next week with how it all went.

Well that’s all folks, watch this space for another exciting blog from me, Mike (Hunk of the month), or if you can’t wait until then, why not email me at

Bye for now!
01206 226500

The results are in…….who got a marathon place?

Posted on: October 06 2015

Abi and Mark didn’t get a ballot place!

We didn’t – sad faces!!

Well done to anyone who did get a ballot place for the 2016 London Marathon – you can still join our team of runners if you have a ballot place and we will look after you exactly the same as our gold bond runners.

We have been inundated with requests to join the team and are now down to the few remaining places so if you want to apply for one of our gold bonds place, be sure to complete our online application form soon.

We’ll provide masses of support throughout your training, send out regular e-newsletters and we have a Facebook group just for our London Marathon team.

On marathon day itself, we will have our amazing cheering teams making as much noise as they can for our runners at miles 17 and 25. And after our runners have finished, they will be coming back to our post-race reception where we have our wonderful team of physio’s ready and waiting for a much needed sports massage plus showers, refreshments and a very enthusiastic hero’s welcome for every runner!

We LOVE London Marathon – go the MS-UK runners!!!!!!

Abi and Mark

Easy Rider!

Posted on: October 01 2015

Mike on the Thera bike

Hi everyone, I’m Mike (aka Hunk of the Month), welcome to the blog!

Hi everyone, It’s Mike (aka Hunk of the Month), with the latest news about the Ride 250 event which took place on Saturday 03 October. It was totally amazing!!

The whole day went according to plan and the atmosphere for the whole day was truly fantastic.

The clients came with one thing on the mind to achieve the 250 mile goal. Watching our clients push the boundaries was moving and very inspirational. By 2.40pm our clients had achieved their 250 mile goal.

However, they weren`t happy with this and wanted to carry on. At 4.15pm they achieved an amazing 362 miles which is absolutely brilliant.

Personally, I liked the eat as many scones, jam and creamathon, the best bit was I was the only person who knew about it, Ha,ha big belly!!

Josephs Court is a fantastic place and our clients achieved an incredible thing – I just want to say a huge Well Done to everyone who ‘rode’ on Saturday and thank you to our wonderful volunteers who helped with catering and supporting the clients.

It’s not too late to support the event, you can donate here – thank you for your support.

So, that’s another blog from me, Mike (aka Hunk of the Month), I’ll be back soon or if you can’t wait until then, why not email me at

Bye for now!


01206 226500