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Aids, adaptations and 'life hacks'...


On Wednesday 14 November we held an information session about aids and adaptations at Josephs Court, our wellness centre based in Essex. We had a range of professionals talking about their role and what can support people to make daily challenges and tasks easier.

At the event our guest OT students, Ciara and Lauren, provided a handout of 'life hacks' - suggestions to make daily activities easier. Examples included magnetic shoe laces, using elastic bands to improve the grip on opening a jar, Velcro to hold items in place and suggestions for food preparation to help in areas like the kitchen. Download the PDF version of the handout

First up was Sam Hemmings an Occupational Therapist (OT) from the local Physical and Sensory Impairment Team. Sam spoke about the OT process and how it focuses on a client centred approach to address difficulties the person may have in their daily activities. This includes structuring of a client’s activities, managing behaviours, relationships and also the provision of equipment.

Essex Cares Limited (ECL) presented on the range of equipment they are able to prescribe following a referral. When a member of the ECL team attends a visit they are able to prescribe minor adaptations such as grab rails or bathroom equipment at the time of visit. They also spoke about their independent living centre located in Witham, Essex that is essentially a model home set-up where different equipment can be trialled and the client can see if a piece of equipment will benefit them.Aids and adaptations speakers photo

REMAP, who are a voluntary organisation made up of retired engineers and other technical backgrounds, demonstrated a wide range of bespoke adaptations and gadgets they can design for individuals. These are usually created to fill the gap where off the shelf adaptations do not fulfil the needs of the client. Such examples include a remote controlled powered wheelchair that returns to the user’s house once they had got into their car and another example included a double sided peg that meant a client who lived with only one arm could hang their washing out independently.

Our final speakers of the day were our current OT students who did a fantastic presentation on the use of the small aids that can be purchased and prescribed and what is out there for clients in our local area.

Following the sessions we received great feedback from clients who attended and suggestions for future sessions we will look to hold in the New Year.

Thank you to all of our guest speakers, and if you would like to find out more about aids and adaptations you can email our helpline for information today.

Best wishes,


Centre Manager, Josephs Court