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The 925 Challenge application form

We would like to know a bit more about your 925 Challenge team...

Terms and conditions

  • The 925 Challenge will begin on 06 May 2021 and run for 9 weeks, 2 days and 5 hours
  • By entering a team to the 925 Challenge you are agreeing to raise a minimum of £925 for MS-UK
  • Gift aid does not count towards your total amount raised
  • All money raised must be sent to MS-UK no later than 16 July 2021
  • All teams must have a designated team captain who will be required to act as company representative and point of contact during the 925 Challenge
  • The 925 Challenge is open to employees, proprietors, families and guests of any company that has a team entered
  •  Photos and video footage taken at any events during the challenge may be used for publicity purposes. If your team would prefer not to be included in any publicity, please email
  • Any fundraising events undertaken during the 925 Challenge are done so at the participant’s own risk and MS-UK cannot take responsibility for anything that may happen outside our control