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Martin, James and Stirling: A Christmas tale of running

In this guest blog, we celebrate our Fundraisers of the Month for December. Martin, James and Stirling all took on the Santa Run on 03 December to raise vital funds for MS-UK, so we can continue our work supporting people affected by multiple sclerosis. Here is their Christmas tale of running...

fotm-image.jpgFirst off my name is Martin Hughes.

I first decided to throw myself into fundraising for multiple sclerosis after my partner Dominique was diagnosed earlier on in the year after having our first baby. This is something that had been hanging over us for about three years but up until then she didn’t have enough symptoms to be diagnosed. Even so with us always knowing there would be a chance it was still a massive shock for all of us.

I didn’t know how to help her or how to get my head around it, so I decided to put my energy into helping other people with MS. This way I felt like I was making a difference. I hope to raise money to help the people already affected but I’d also like to raise money to help find a cure also. That would be my ultimate goal, to help find a cure for Dominique.

I first decided to do the Santa Run as a starting point for me to see how I got on with raising money and to see how well I would do. It also seemed fitting to have a bit of fun also, I think everyone needed that. Mine and Dominique’s friend James Paskins heard about my plans and jumped at the chance to join in and help with the fundraising and to also run with me. Following that our friend Stirling Woodside also wanted to help raise some money to do the Santa Run because of the ties he also has to MS. His girlfriend’s Mum also has the condition. So for our own personal reasons we put all of our efforts into doing the cause proud by fundraising and spreading awareness.

James and I decided to put on a family and friends fundraising event at Dominique’s parents’. This also being a starting point for more ideas in the future but it was a huge success and we were extremely chuffed.

We cooked big pots of stew, casserole and chilli the night before. Dominique and myself organised the pub quiz and a raffle, which went down so well. All we asked for was a donation of their choice to participate in the evening. It was good fun and everybody enjoyed themselves. We are still now being asked when the next one is going to be. Just in that one night alone we raised £385 with roughly 18 people.

We are hoping to do more of these with friends and family who couldn’t attend this one, and then to hopefully branch out with more public fundraisers.

On the build up to the Santa Run, I had good intentions of preparing for the run. I’m usually athletic in playing football every week but I had been injured so hadn’t played for a little while. I’d torn my hamstring, but this wasn’t going to stop me participating in what I’d planned to do for so long. So I got there on the day with no training and hardly any fitness behind me. It was hard, but not only did I do it but I finished it in under an hour and that was what I was always aiming for. Would I do it again? Yes! It was good fun and I’m hoping to get a few more people involved in doing it next year.

In total we have all raised just over £1,500 and we are still going. Never did we expect the support we’ve been given but we do appreciate it so much. If you would like to donate to MS-UK our links are underneath, it really is a great cause and helps the lives of so many that are affected by multiple sclerosis.

We thank everybody that has donated and that has helped us with the first of many fundraisers we hope to do in the future.

Martin, James and Stirling