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Guest blog: Sophie's marathon tuck shop!

In 2018, Sophie Bury is running the Virgin Money London Marathon. In this guest blog, Sophie tells us all about running a tuck shop at work as part of her fundraising!

tuck-shop1.jpgTo raise money for MS-UK is something that I am really proud to do as we lost a very close friend of my dad’s to multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2013.

On 17 November I ran my first fundraising event at work and I decided to run a tuck shop, reminiscent of the ones you used to get a school, because who doesn’t love sweeties on a Friday! I’d had a few ideas for my first event but I wanted to run something that was easy to organise, fun and would include everyone.

photo1.jpgI enlisted the help of some very supportive colleagues and started selling at 11am, within 20 minutes the sweets had nearly sold out so we had to make a quick dash to Tesco to restock. It was really nice to see such a positive response so early on and I wanted to make a success of my first event. On our return with lots more sweets we carried on selling throughout the afternoon, with some really generous donations and comments about MS-UK. By 3pm it was a complete sell out, I was amazed at the response my tuck shop received and the kindness given from everyone in the office!

I decided to go for the old fashioned pick’n’mix type sweets and along with that I bought some pink pinstriped paper bags to sell them in. I spoke to our internal communication team about featuring my event in our weekly Huddle, made a poster to advertise the stand and got to work.

Running events can be daunting especially when it’s the first one and you’re doing it on your own. But the support received from my colleagues, friends and family has been so valuable and I’m really keen to make the tuck shop a regular event whilst I’m fundraising. My next event will be a Christmas themed bake sale on 15 December and I’m really excited to continue my fundraising for MS-UK.

Thank you,