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Guest blog: ‘How’d I get that?’

In this guest blog Doug Ankerman asks readers ‘How’d I get that?’ Doug, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1997, is the author of the blog

Let’s play the MSer’s favorite game of cuts, scrapes and bruises. It’s time for….”How’d I Get That?”


Hmm, a bruise on your arm.

Did you…

  1. Catch your arm on a closet door.
  2. Run into the fence post.
  3. I have MS, I don’t remember.


Ouch, that scrape on your knuckles seems painful.

Did you…

  1. Reach into the tool box.
  2. Touch the sharp edge under the sink.
  3. I have MS, I’m not sure.


What did you do to your leg?

Did you…

  1. Scrape it on the steps.
  2. Scratch it on the edge of the deck.
  3. I have MS, what scratch?

My point is, living with multiple sclerosis, we tend to acquire many unexplained nicks, marks, cuts, bumps and bangs. Often we can’t explain how they happened.

Having no feeling from the armpits down, I collect skin abrasions like a donation bucket attracts pocket change.

I find marks on my body and have no idea where they came from. I don’t even feel the blood running down my leg.

Are we superhuman?

Do we have high pain tolerance?

Nah, we just have MS.

Are you one with multiple sclerosis who finds unexplained “ouchies?”

Tell us your side – but please don’t get any blood on the keyboard.

Be safe my MS friends.


Is your experience similar to Doug’s? Share your comments below!