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Guest blog: Turn on the dial for this one!

In this guest blog, Patricia Gachagan tells us all about the new radio network for the global MS community!


The MS & Me Radio Network is a division of The Multiple Sclerosis Global Support Network. MS & Me Radio brings you streaming radio broadcasts around the globe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goals to increase multiple sclerosis awareness, self-advocacy and aspects of living with MS from peer to peer information and health care providers.

My show:
‘Positively Different MS’ airs every Sunday @ 9.00 pm and reruns on Mondays @ 1.00 pm and 7.00 pm (UK times)


My show is based on my MS jigsaw - which is all the pieces I have tried and tested to manage my

My show is based on my MS jigsaw – which is all the pieces I have tried and tested to manage my MS over the last decade to live as full and enriched a life as I possibly can with MS. The show interviews a weekly guest with specialist input on my MS jigsaw pieces, has ‘snippets’ of real life coping and management experiences and offers ‘POSITIPS’ on ways to try and move our lives forward. There are many pieces of the MS jigsaw on the show. It is an uplifting show trying to reach all us ordinary – or should I say extraordinary people – living life with Multiple Sclerosis. My aim and my reach is to find new ways to do old things, go on that circuitous journey to acceptance, find the positives and leave those negatives alone. Believe in ourselves and our futures and search to find ways to see MS as a new beginning now and not that life sentence and harsh ending of everything we have ever known – that we all feared so much at diagnosis.

There are many other shows hosted from around the world so take a look…

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Positive thoughts always and together