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Guest blog: 30 years on...

In her latest guest blog Liz talks about the past 30 years living with multiple sclerosis (MS)...

liz-murby_300.jpgOurs is certainly a tricky condition, like life itself, being unique to each and every one of us.., my first response to the thought/question of penning another blog was, honestly, why?..., but mindful of last night’s discussion with son #1, who shall remain nameless, I thought, well, if not you, who....? (a la ******), so here it is...., Following a couple of recent calls to my GP, turns out, I was diagnosed with MS, in August 1987..., 30 years (just) ago...well, I don’t remember either:

  1. This happening at all, [I was in the middle of studying for my degree at the time], put vaguely scribbled 2nd year revision notes down to stress (who wouldn’t?!)
  2. That my MS has particularly stopped me from doing anything that I have been particularly keen to do in the mean time
  3.  Giving birth to, and partially raising 2 fabulous sons
  4. Gaining my Economics degree;
  5. Having a go at ski-ing!!! not great, but I did enjoy it, though probably never again!- balance/confidence etc!

Many very helpful things (for the MS community worldwide) have certainly happened, and continue, day by involvement in/membership of Twitter, the Tweeting community, being one example... Met, in person, the chap who kindly introduced me to MS publications (you know who you are C, and his fabulous wife N, they drove all the way from XXXX miles down South, but they didn’t give up, and certainly taught me a lot: my own needs, visible to others though they may, to a certain extent, are not going to stop the world from turning.) The local (and it’s tricky here, ‘my’ county has borders with 7 others...) has very recently established a new county wide MS group: thanks M, awaiting further details, patiently, as promised. I ‘heard’ from a trusted (MS) tweeter... of a very recent research breakthrough, that has also been successful in the treatment of pancreatic cancer (my best friend, and God-father to my elder son, died of this in 2007..., bye, still love you Coops!) To be honest, there is nothing like the delivery of one’s first born child...his brother, exceptionally large, (12lbs, 5oz) may have been a shock to all 3 midwives involved in his delivery, and certainly it took 3 scales to confirm..., my point{s} being that, like it or not:

  1. However large your belly is, that bump is coming out, hopefully healthy and happy!
  2. Death is a part of life’s rich circle/ tapestry...
  3. The longer we’re here, the closer to a pain/trouble-free departure for us all, we become;
  4. It’s kind of obvious...
  5. However difficult in may seem,
  6. Enjoy the NOW, and maybe think of helping others first as much as you can, you may feel good for it: I do

Now, in yesterday (late) evening’s chat, I promised son 1 I’d tackle a crossword today, brain active etc, so maybe after making sure all is safe here, I’ll give that a go...wish me luck! Cheers! Liz