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The Queensferry Crossing

In this guest blog Ann Rice tells of her and her husbands walk over the Queensferry Crossing bridge in aid of MS-UK

ann-rice-3.jpgHi everyone,

On 03 September, my husband and I walked across the new Queensferry bridge over the river Forth. This was billed as ‘a lifetime opportunity’ as the bridge will carry cars and lorries and has no pedestrian walkway. There has been a huge public interest in Scotland, and a ballot was held for permission to walk the bridge. Only a quarter of the 200,000 applications was successful. We were among the lucky few.

This was very pleasing as we had walked the original Forth Road bridge when it opened in 1964. We were students in Sheffield and bet some friends (probably in the student bar) that we could hitchhike to the bridge faster than them. We won the bet, arriving at the bridge in the middle of the night. It was cold and sleeting. We then had to hitchhike back in the early hours of the morning.

ann-rice-2.jpgWalking the new bridge was an opportunity to raise a little money for one of my favourite charities. Our youngest daughter has had MS for more than 20 years. After the initial shock at the diagnosis, she scoured the web for information. Among the gloom and doom she found the MS-UK website (which had a different name then). They offered hope, encouragement and lots of helpful information. This is vital for any long term illness.

It was a great experience, people with children, buggies, wheelchairs and everyone happy to have won the lottery to take part.

Best wishes to you all,

Ann Rice