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Foot drop? Find out more about a free trial of the Bioness FES

footdrop1.jpgHello, Do you experience foot drop? FES Hire are a new company who are offering the Bioness FES, which is a walking device. The Bioness FES consists of

  • A battery-powered control box, about the size of a pack of cards, worn on a lanyard or carried
  • A sensor worn in the shoe (heel switch) which detects pressure changes as the foot starts to move
  • A band wrapped around the leg, with battery-powered electrodes touching the skin

FES Hire are a new company providing this device on a hire lease purchase basis.

They would like you to invite you to attend a free trial event at Moulton, Northampton on 20 September 2017 where you would get a free fitting and calibration from a neuro physio. Please visit for further information and to register for the event.

Best wishes,
Diana Diana Baxter,
Head of Services

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