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Guest blog: Robert’s adventure with Oceans of Hope… So where was I?

rm-pic-1.jpgIn May we continued the series of guest blogs from Robert Munns. Robert is involved with the Oceans of Hope Challenge, which is an adventure like no other for people affected by multiple sclerosis. In this series, Robert is taking us on a journey right from his own diagnosis of MS, through to now, when he is sailing and supporting others. So, time for the next installment…

Ah yes, deep deep in the South Pacific waving goodbye to the dark clouds of accepting MS into my life....

As I said before, going on this long trip was a challenge for me. I wanted to catch a fish, kill a fish and cook a fish. I wanted to climb the mast and learn how to use a sextant.

None of that happened! instead I went in an odyssey of discovery and acceptance. I wrote and listened. Being in the Pacific heaven that I was inspired me to write the following. ( this is an excerpt from my on board blog which is still available on

'My future is still very unclear, at the moment, I like it this way....the more time that is spent on this vast ocean, slowly consuming the hours and miles ahead of us, my mind wanders back to the Mediterranean.... mia secundo casa :) I appreciate the wealth of experience and knowledge that my time on board Big Smile gave me.

My flirtation with MS took away this confidence and sent me down a path that maybe wasn't the best available. To the people that I let down during this time, I am sorry :)

I hope to jump back into those Mediterranean waters again soon. I enjoy life at sea, in all forms: For example, making everyone on board feel safe, comfortable and happy, fixing a lunch at anchor, dealing with tiresome customs officials, washing the boat down, negotiating for a berth in an exclusive marina, sourcing spare parts or even just buying the right tomatoes from the local market.

rm-pic-2.jpgThese are all things that I am good at and I really miss doing them. As we draw nearer to our destination. Over 3,500 miles since Galapagos. As the moon has come out from behind a cocoon of clouds to the East of us, I've spent a little time thinking. I'm feeling a lot more at ease. I'm feeling a lot less distracted and unfocussed. I am clearly still battling towards a new section of my life, a section where contentment has to be sought out and pursued with vigor and passion. I will strive to move towards that goal. I do however need to put this MS into my own perspective. At present I think of it as a rat in my flat, hiding under the floor boards. It’s not scurrying around making noise, or coming into my kitchen to eat my food and defecate on my table, but I know it's there.. silently seeking out a space that it can squeeze through and invade my life again. I don’t like rats.'

I promise more tails of adventure next time