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Bank holiday boot sale fun!

carboot4.jpgHi everyone, At the end of March we officially got to change the clocks an hour forward, so we finally got to enjoy longer days and hopefully some sunshine! It’s also the start of the very traditionally British season of car boot sales. They usually happen on Sunday mornings, but seem to have got more popular over the last few years. I’ve also heard of evening and Saturdays ones locally so it’s worth checking what’s available in your area online to see times and days.

Why not have a spring clean, and have your own table for us at a car boot sale and raise some money for MS-UK? You’ll be amazed how the pennies do add up, and it’s a great way to support your fundraising if you are taking on a challenge with us.

Early mornings not for you? You could have a garage sale instead, and invite your friends and neighbours round and offer refreshments for a donation. You may even find your neighbours may want to join in by having a table or donate items for you to sell for MS-UK.

carboot3.jpgIf you are part of a social group or church, you could even organise a table top sale, where people pay a fee to have a table and you charge an entry fee with all the fees going to MS-UK. We can help you with fundraising materials, and if you need buckets or collection tins. We can also offer support with how to set one up, so do get in touch. Have a great bank holiday weekend! Best wishes, Jenny Jenny Poulter Events Fundraiser