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Meet Miranda

miranda.jpgMiranda Olding, MS nurse, has joined the New Pathways columnist corner, so in this blog we find out all about our new writer…

Name: Miranda Olding

Eye colour: Greeny brown

Occupation: MS Specialist nurse

Why I agreed to write a column for New Pathways:

I’ve written about things that I’ve learned that are useful in MS, for many years. This started in the Bedford MS Therapy Centre (where I work)’s quarterly newletter, and soon spilled out into a blog.

The ethos of the blog is Integrated Medicine - could be conventional, could be very much not mainstream - but if I find it can be useful for my patients and other people with MS, I want to share it! I’ve enjoyed reading New Pathways since I started as an MS Nurse back in 2004, so coming to do a column just felt like a natural step.

If I was a movie star, I’d be:

OMG! It would be easier to say who I’d LIKE to be - I'm really admiring Thandie Newton right now  but in reality - probably more …. Jim Carrey?

If I was a character in a book, I’d be:

Same response! In reality, probably someone who gets very inspired by ideals but also often trips on their face; Katy in What Katy did, or Dorothea in Middlemarch?

Three things I couldn’t live without:

Tea (with soya milk). Sunlight. Pringles terry towling trainer socks.

My greatest achievement:

My kids turning into decent people.

My motivation for doing what I do:

I believe that with kindness, and curiosity, we can always do better. There’s always more out there. I want to bring things that work to my patients.

My nickname: I don’t have one!

My catchphrase: You Can Do This!