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MS-UK followers show their support for disabled man

A disabled man who recently won a Supreme Court case after a dispute with a woman with a buggy over wheelchair space on a bus has been getting your support online.

The verdict now means that bus drivers will have to do more to accommodate wheelchair users.

Doug Paulley bought his case to court after he was refused entry to a FirstGroup bus in 2012, when a mother with a pushchair refused to move.

Followers of MS-UK followed the story via social media and acknowledged the victory with more than 50 people liking the story online.

Patricia Gachagan commented: “[This was] absolutely the right decision!”

Another follower said: “Well done that man.”

Expressing her frustration at the story, Kim Strydom, said: “Since when did spawning give people such a sense of entitlement? Speaking as a disabled mother.”

The court said FirstGroup should consider further steps to persuade non-wheelchair users to move, without making it a legal duty to move them.

It ruled that FirstGroup’s policy of requiring a driver to simply request a non-wheelchair user to vacate without taking any further steps was unjustified.

However, the court did not make it a legal requirement for bus companies to force non-wheelchair passengers to move from the space.

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