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Why do clients come to Josephs Court?

Hi everyone,

In 2016, we have had some very talented volunteers at MS-UK supporting the work of the marketing team. One of them has been Daniel Joplin.

Dan is a keen photographer and loves to make his own films, so what better way to support MS-UK than by editing some of our video footage?

Here is the film by Daniel – a chance to see why our clients in Essex come along to our centre, Josephs Court. Thank you to Daniel for making this film!

Find out more about Daniel on his website!

The people in this video were filmed as part of our open day earlier in the year, when the Healthwatch Essex team came along with their Chatterbox Cab.

MS-UK team and clients with the Chatterbox Cab

Thank you to everyone who took part in the day and made this film possible.

Best wishes,


Laura May

Marketing Manager