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2016 bag pack done!!!

photo-1-9.jpgOver the weekend of Saturday 10 – 11 December a group of willing volunteers all made their way to the local Marks and Spencer store to help the customers pack their shopping bags!

We all had a fantastic time and this was our way of taking part in the MS-UK Festive Frolic campaign. Holding a bag pack is so easy to do and I would recommend it to anyone! To find out more do get in touch with Nick today.

We arrived early and were all ready to start packing. Everyone choose their till and made each customer feel welcome.

Unfortunately the till I had chosen kept breaking which meant I was packing the same person’s bag for 15 minutes, but least we got to have a fun conversation. I can honestly say that by the end of the day my bag packing skills had vastly improved.

All the staff at M&S were so welcoming and made our day more enjoyable. Over the whole weekend the very generous customers donated a whooping £1,012.78. This is awesome and we cannot thank the amazing shoppers enough for their generosity!


Nick, Jeanette, Sarah and Hannah helping out at the bag pack!

This weekend couldn’t have happened without the brilliant volunteers we had over both of the days. A massive thank you must go out to M&S who helped organise the weekend with us. We are already looking forward to next years bag packing, it is a great day out and you get to meet loads of interesting people.

From the much improved bag packing king, we look forward to seeing you all at a bag pack again soon!!!


Mark Drain

Community and Events Fundraiser