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Guest blog: Indoor Skydiving with Sportability 

In this guest blog, Christian and his partner Nancy try indoor skydiving!

Myself and Nancy decided to join the Sportability team again this time to try indoor skydiving (how scary could it be?)

The venue is a massive building in Milton Keynes called Xscape where they do indoor skiing which was impressive to watch.

On arrival we are given the safety briefing including which hand signals meant what, I had forgotten those by the time I had left the room.

We were kitted out with ear plugs, goggles, helmet and a gorgeous blue suit that if was easier to get on it would wear in daily life (honest). There was about 10 of us so we were split into two groups, my girlfriend Nancy went first so I could gauge what was in store...two men stand either side of you and keep you in the skydiving position. This was particularly good for a couple of the wheelchair users with restricted use of their legs. You got about a minute, everyone gets a go before you go back in for a second go.


During the second go one of the helpers spins you around, the fan whoooooooos a bit harder and he takes you spinning to the top of the tunnel, your heart is racing but it's all over so quickly. I would do it again without a doubt and would highly recommend it to anyone regardless of mobility as they really look after you. You get a certificate at the end and the opportunity to buy photos/video.

Join and hopefully I'll see you at the next event!

Christian Rolfe