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MS-UK Social Group coffee mornings

vicky-coffee.jpgHave you joined our Social Group at one of their coffee mornings yet?

If the answer is no, is it because, like me, the very words ‘coffee morning’ conjure up an image of little old dears sitting around in a village hall and putting the world to rights?!

Well then, I’m here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth!

For a start, the Social Group are a lively bunch just on their own, but throw in a dozen or more other ‘MSers’, and what you’ve got is something that might be more suitably named a ‘giggle gathering’ or a ‘laughter lunch’.

Whatever the name, it is an opportunity for people living with MS (or other neurological conditions), to get together in a relaxed and friendly environment (you can’t get any more relaxed than a local pub!), to share their stories and experiences (and bad jokes), support each other through the not-so-good days – and most importantly- be themselves.

There is much to be gained from spending time with other people that absolutely ‘get it’, not least the realisation that you are not alone.

So please do come along to the next ‘coffee morning’….yes it’s held in the morning.…but there’s more than just coffee on the menu!

Held on the second Tuesday of every month from 11am at:
The Berechurch Arms
177 Shrub End Road

Plenty of parking and wheelchair accessible

Next dates:
Tuesday 14 February 2017
Tuesday 28 February 2017
Tuesday 14 March 2017

Additional date

Friday 03 March 2017 – 2pm
at Perrywood Garden Centre
Kelvedon Road