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Today is the David 'Teddy' Thomas Champions lunch...

Louise Thomas

Hi everyone,

Today we’ll be celebrating at the David ‘Teddy’ Thomas Champions Lunch in London, an annual event organised to raise funds for MS-UK. Hosted by Louise Thomas, the event has raised over £300,000 for MS-UK over the years!

This year will be particularly special, as we will be bestowing a ‘Friend of MS-UK’ award to Louise.

Louise’s journey with MS-UK actually began through her husband, late English cricketer David ‘Teddy’ Thomas. Diagnosed at the age of 29, David began supporting MS-UK and did so until he sadly passed away in 2012. Louise, his widow, has worked tirelessly over the years to make the David ‘Teddy’ Thomas Champions Lunch an annual success ever since.

Louise will be among just five people recognised as Friends of MS-UK in 2016. Congratulations Louise, and here’s to another great lunch!

Best wishes,

Tracy signature

Tracy Wellsted

Head of Fundraising

P.S. You can read all about Friends of MS-UK and the inspiring individuals who have received this award in our latest issue of New Pathways magazine. Subscribe online, or search for My MS-UK in your app store to start reading today.