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Relapses and symptoms - new tools

Hi everyone,the-ms-uk-helpline-team-kim-ryan-and-laura.jpg

We have just added some new documents to our website, and we really hope you find them useful!

The first is a ‘Symptom diary’. Whether you have MS or are in the early stages of gaining a diagnosis, it can be useful to keep track of your symptoms. Keeping a regular symptom diary may help you to spot any patterns, keep note of any triggers and may be useful for when you have meetings with your health professionals.

The second is the form ‘Am I having a relapse?’ It contains information about what the clinical criteria for diagnosing a relapse is. It also includes a chart for completing that may help you identify any external factors that may be influencing your health and a version of our symptom diary for recording symptoms that have occurred during your potential relapse.

You can download the PDF versions or the Word versions today on our website.

We hope you find these useful, and remember we’re here to chat if you want to discuss anything at all,

Best wishes,

The Helpline Team


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