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Guest blog: Cyclopark Gravesend

In this guest blog, Christian recounts visiting the Cyclopark in Gravesend…

20160921_120544.jpgThe cyclopark is a charity organisation that was purpose built with the help of lottery funding. Every Wednesday morning it is accessible to everyone with an array of bike options meaning everyone is able to feel the thrill of cycling. Bikes include trikes, wheelchair transporters, tandems, recumbent and hand recumbent.

20160921_114654.jpgThe staff are amazing, getting on the right bike, helmeted up and on your way. Once signed off as competent you can go anytime you wish as long as you phone beforehand. They will check on availability of the bike you require and get it out so it’s waiting for you. Before the Paralympics I kept on procrastinating,  Kadeena Cox virtually kicked my backside,  I no longer wonder if I can but when I can.

20160921_113956.jpgThe 30 minutes we are allotted sail by and it’s so much more fun than my exercise bike, my exercise bike doesn’t pull wheelies or skids (hang on that was a dream).

After about 2 miles we are a bit flagging and need refreshments, the cafe is large and they have a good array of food options. The park is easy to get to and parking is free with a blue badge but only a pound if you haven’t. 

If you are thinking about it give them a call!

Christian Rolfe