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Are you sitting (un)comfortably?

kim-2.jpgDo you have questions going round in your head and no answers?

Are you worried about voicing these to others? Maybe because they don’t know about your multiple sclerosis, or you think they will think you are either stupid or silly for asking?

Do you get frustrated that you just want someone to tell you what you need to know, no strings?

We can do that!

We won’t tell you that you are silly or stupid for asking any question, because if it’s bothering you, then it can’t be anything but a stressful situation that you need resolving. Stress is bad for MS, right?

So where can you go? Do you have a computer, laptop, phone or ipad?  Then visit our website and look for our live web chat symbol on the Helpline page.

Live web chat is great, it’s so immediate, just like messaging your friend. We can read your questions and reply back instantly. Sometimes, we might need to do a bit of research but we can get back to you. You can also give us your e-mail address and we can carry on the contact after the webchat has finished.

If it bothers you, then it bother us – we can help and we’re always here for you.

Chat with us – the only thing we can’t provide is the cup of tea!


Kim Salmon

MS Advisor