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What makes you 'appy?

Photo of Amy Woolf, CEO of MS-UK

Hi everyone,

This Saturday the MS-UK team will be packing up our purple accessories and heading off to MS Life! Running from 12pm – 7pm on Saturday 17 September to 11am – 4pm on Sunday 18 September, this bi-annual event is hosted by the MS Society and is the biggest MS lifestyle event in Europe.

Our Helpline team will be on hand to answer any questions about MS, and Kahn, our Editor, will be checking out all the latest gadgets, news and research so he can bring you a full report in the next issue of New Pathways.

For me, though, MS Life is all about meeting you – real people affected by multiple sclerosis. I am really looking forward to speaking with lots of different people about lots of different things, and I invite you all to visit us on stand 246 and let us know what makes you ‘appy.

As you may know, we recently launched the My MS-UK app – bringing New Pathways magazine into the digital age – and we’ll be celebrating the app all weekend by focusing on the positive.

Happiness (or ‘appiness, in our words) is completely unique to every individual. You may find it from your friends, from family, from your work, in the amazing wonders of the world or from something as simple as having a cuppa.

So, whatever makes you ‘appy, please do come and share it with us. We will be adding messages of ‘appiness to our stand throughout MS Life, and I for one cannot wait to discover all the things that make people ‘appy…

See you at the weekend!


Amy Woolf