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You know you CAN do it!

Today we publish another of our ‘Guest Blog’ articles from Liz.

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liz-murby_300.jpgI am a fairly well qualified, 48 year old lady. Certainly like many readers of this blog/article, I’m sure, I have many certificates, which might suggest this to be the case, however, like you there is very much more to me than either this collection of certificates, or my own unique MS.

Each of us knows that our ‘own’ MS is exactly that, peculiar to us, unique, and probably changing day by day…over forty years or more possibly in my own case.

Happily, the same can be said of many MSers that I have met, there have been quite a few…in a 2 or 3 days at a caravan Skegness way, happy memories. Lee, Lee (popular name of its time, evidently), Rob, Vanessa, Sarah, Tina, Ed , Alvin, Canas, Dawn, et al…

Less than 12 hours ago I was very happy to spend a very productive 45 minutes or so, with Mary, who I remember from meeting 3 or 4 years ago, and her friend and colleague Alanah, both charming and inspiring ladies.

I’m patting myself on my back as I type: trying to make contact with readers of MS-UK, again…I have done successfully before, and see few reasons why this effort should be any different, indeed meeting Allanah, yesterday challenged me to do so, so I am, and here it is!

Great news from my meeting with Alanah and Mary, who have promised to connect me with activities of others in other parts of our common county, with a view to putting together an event of shared (MS) interest to anyone with a connection to multiple sclerosis. The group/branch has arranged, and indeed run, similar successful events in the past, and even has a newsletter, we should like to be able to re-connect, and see no reason not to be able to.

There’s the rub, if you’ve done something with success before, you know you CAN do it. Like me, you almost certainly hate to use your MS as a reason/excuse for not doing anything…make it a dare if you must/like…fortunately, or not, this is something that challenged me too, and I’m doing it.

After making contact with, and connecting with Allanah’s contact, my next personal challenge will be to undertake my neurophysiologist exercises (10 of each, no slipping, I’ll know and looking forward (well, my own August’s) challenge will be to attend an old (we were at University together) friend’s 50th birthday celebration, along with shared friends from Brixton, where Thinigo still lives: they shall give me a lift to Wales, and we shall join the celebration happily, together.

I look back on all of achievements, (work and extracurricular) they were very real, fun and productive in one way or another, and choose to pat myself on the back and take and develop further all the positives, there are many, and you will find the same too!…local branch/event first, almost certainly…I hope you will too, you know you can do it!