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What’s app-ening?


Last Monday we launched the new digital version of our magazine, New Pathways, and we are all really excited about it here at MS-UK!

We have now got an app, and we hope to provide information and support to more people affected by multiple sclerosis than ever before.

What is an app?

‘App’ is short for application. Usually people download apps to their smartphone or tablets, so they can access information on the go. This means you don’t need to search for a program or write in a website address to get to the things you like.

When you download an app from the app store on your phone or tablet, an icon will appear on your home screen. This is like a shortcut, which will take you to your app every time you click on it. This does not cost you anything.

When you download the My MS-UK app, it will look like this on your phone screen:



You can then open the app and get started! You will be prompted to login to the app, and you’ll be able to browse past issues of the magazine too if you purchase them.np98_cover.jpg

Get this issue of New Pathways free!

To celebrate the launch of our digital version of New Pathways, for this issue only, everyone can read the magazine for free just by downloading our brand new app.

Simply search for ‘My MS-UK’ on your app store, and get reading!


Kahn Johnson

Editor, New Pathways, MS-UK