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Find out about taking part in the exergaming project by the University of Essex...


I’m delighted to let you know that MS-UK has been approached by the University of Essex to host a trial in the use of an Xbox game specifically designed to support people living with MS!

The trial will take place at MS-UK in Essex, for eight weeks, beginning Monday 01 August 2016. We are looking for 20 people to take part in the study.

Who can take part?
There is inclusion criteria to take part in this study. All participants must:

  • Have a definitive diagnosis of MS
  • Be ambulatory (i.e. able to walk aided or unaided)
  • Have a Patient Determined Disease Steps of 3 to 5

Patient Determined Disease Steps
3 = intermittent use of cane (or other forms of unilateral support including splint, brace, or crutch). You use unilateral support primarily for longer distances, but are able to walk at least 25 feet without it.
4 = dependent on a cane or other forms of unilateral support and cannot walk 25 feet without such support (e.g. you may hang on to furniture inside your home or touch the wall when walking in clinic). You may use a scooter for greater distances.
5 = Bilateral support: require bilateral support to walk 25 feet (e.g. two canes or two crutches or a walker). You may use a scooter for greater distances.

What will happen?
We are looking for 20 people:

  • 10 people will act as a control group. This involves completing some assessments and questionnaires and the beginning and end of the study
  • 10 people will come along to MS-UK and play the game for around 20 – 40 minutes, twice per week for eight weeks. You’ll also have to complete some assessments and questionnaires at the beginning and end of the study

It is hoped that this study will prove playing these games helps people with MS, and pave the way to funding a larger-scale trial in the future. If you can spare the time to take part and you meet all of the criteria, please get in touch today and sign up!

Thank you,


Michael Kinton

Centre Manager, Josephs Court

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