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We went to the first local junior Parkrun!

Hello everyone!

It’s Mike here (you may remember me as Hunk of the Month) and I wanted to share with you news about our first time at the Colchester junior Parkrun!


On Sunday 19 June, MS-UK were invited to bring our beloved mascot Myles the bearto the first ever junior event held near our offices in Essex, and it was an amazing day!

Myles meets the Mayor of Colchester!


What a morning! Over 130 children and their families attended the event and the children ran 2k to reach the finish line. Everyone taking part completed the course, and there were lots of proud parents.

It was great to see the Colchester Gazette there covering the event, you can check out the article about the event on their website. Also, we have some awesome photos on our Facebook page which you can view today.



Our mascot Myles took part in the warm up, he had some great moves, and I think Myles should bring out a fitness video!



If you have a fundraising event coming up, and you would like Myles to be there, just email and we’ll let you know if we can make it.

See you soon,