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Dance & Creative Wellness - across the globe!

You may not associate multiple sclerosis with dancing, but coming up on 11 June is a reason to start doing so! From 10am the World Premiere of Dance and Creative Wellness will be live streaming to screens across the globe!

Dance isn’t your thing? Don’t switch off just yet. This project will be dancing for MS, to raise awareness of the condition and the ways in which dance can help it. Andrew Peter Greenwood originally started Dance for Health after a friend was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He wanted to ‘change people’s lives’ by offering specific programs for people living with conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s.

He then collaborated with Clare Guss-West and the Dance and Creative Wellness Foundation was born! As well as its other ambitions, the foundation wants to develop Applied Dance in the Healthcare and Wellness Sector by offering workshop and dance experiences to as many people as possible. By demonstrating the effective role of dance in public health and quality of life, they want to bring about the use of dance as both a treatment, and a preventative measure.

So even if you have never before considered strapping on your dancing shoes, now might be the time. You can join people from all over the world and take part in this international, creative wellness dance class, and find out what dance could do for you!

To get involved simply follow the live stream on 11 June as it will be available online all day. If you’d like more information you can fill out the form or check out the Dance and Creative Wellness Foundation website.

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