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New Pathways Issue 97 is out...

Sometimes, when you’re putting a magazine together, you stumble across something so new no one is talking about it yet.

Occasionally, you’re so lucky you stumble across four of them.

Which, I won’t deny, has made me a bit giddy with excitement.

But then, that’s what’s so great about New Pathways – we cover anything and everything.

Like T20K for example – a drug so new it’s not even been given a brand name yet.

No one is calling it a cure, but initial tests and studies are looking really promising, and there’s a fascinating back story to the discovery.

You see, a bunch of…

…no no, you’ll have to read it in the magazine.

Then there’s Sesame Enable, which can make a smartphone hands free for people who struggle to use their hands.

The idea came about when…

…oops, almost did it again. Nope, you’ll have to get a copy of the new issue.

And did I mention that I got to have a go on a range of Mountain Trikes?

Honestly, they are so much fun. I was…

…you’d think one of us would have learnt by now, wouldn’t you?

Yup, off you go to the new issue.

When you get there, you’ll of course find all the latest news, an announcement from Stephanie Millward and what I’m intolerant to.

That last one might shock you, because it’s not cats who sit on your keyboard when you’re writing a blog. And that was my first guess.

Anyhoo, do go read and enjoy the latest issue of New Pathways. With a cup of tea, maybe?

And a biccie?


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