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Guest blog - Candida detox programme


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Hi fellow MS-ers,

You will maybe remember me from fighting the Best Bet Diet corner for 11 years and my initial success with CCSVI treatment back in 2010. Well, I’m back and I have found my last piece of the jigsaw – CANDIDA!

PPMS diagnosed 1995, wheelchair since 1999, practically every symptom known to man.
Never taken DMDs, always eaten a healthy diet (organic, a little small-farm-raised meat, ocean fish, masses of fruit). Swank 1995-6, Best Bet Diet 2003-14. Ann Boroch Protocol (ABP) June 2014 – present.

Treated for CCSVI by Ameds, Poland (Oct 2010) and immediately many symptoms vanished but sadly gradually started to return but to nowhere near the level they had been thanks to the Best Bet Diet and other activities.

Walking still eluded me with zero balance and difficulty breathing so 2 years later I returned to Poland and they found both jugulars working fine with a normal blood flow. So it was all down to me to fix it.

Physiotherapy was my first port of call for 6 months. It got me able to get out of a wheelchair with help and shuffle along in parallel bars for a few minutes but I still had no balance and terrible breathing.

I tried a TMJ dental brace which helped a little (better sleep, slight improvement in balance and in breathing). I used a TENS machine, Slendertone belt, Vibroplate and an Electric Mini Walker, had CST (cranio-sacral therapy) for jaw manipulation, polarity and energy therapy, emotional freedom technique, and my own art therapy.

Result: Slightly better muscle tone, emotionally stable, writing returned to normal, nearly bankrupt. I changed my supplements and diet to concentrate on helping blood flow (cayenne, parsley, grape seed extract, gotu kola, ginkgo biloba, magnesium, co-enzyme Q10), IP-6 and milk thistle to remove iron deposits from the brain.

And that was where I had got to when you last saw me in New Pathways.

I was still not able to stand for more than seconds, even supported, my incontinence had returned to every 20 minutes and with food intolerances turning up by the day I started Googling.

I found every one of my MS symptoms in every site I looked at on Candidiasis. I took multiple candida questionnaires and scored off the charts.

MS is incurable and, with PPMS, I was in for a slow decline. Candidiasis however is curable through diet.

It made sense to start a candida diet and at least remove that part of my problem and then see what was left.

I started a Candida detox programme (Ann Boroch) June 2014 and at last I had my answer.

The new diet removed most fruit which had been my downfall – the candida don’t care where their sugar comes from.

I changed all supplements to those recommended for healing the liver, gall-bladder, adrenals, leaky gut, thyroid and digestion and did yet another heavy metal detox.

The symptoms I had by June 2014 when I started the ABP were food intolerances, anaemia, low body temperature, cold feet, constipation, fruit cravings, cysts, abdominal distension, tinnitus, ear itchiness and ear ache, feeling worse with perfumes, fumes, tobacco smoke or dampness, spots in front of eyes, excessive tearing, itchy eyes, athlete’s foot, itchy arches, swollen feet, toes and ankles, vaginitis, general feeling of unwellness, itchy scalp, sores on scalp, low blood sugar, IBS, mitral valve prolapse, coated and cracked tongue, mouth ulcers, dry mouth, numb feet, tingling legs, muscle strength not as good as it should be, toe nail fungus, oddly-shaped toe nails, needle-like pain, arthritic-type pain, tightness in chest, shortness of breath, irritability when hungry, eczema, liver spots, white spots, sore throat, hoarseness, cough, spots on tongue, difficulty urinating, unable to empty completely, zero balance.

The protocol is severe. I suffered 2 months of solid die off (Herxheimer reactions), my symptoms worsened, old symptoms returned, I lost a vast amount of weight that I didn’t have to lose, felt dreadful but had heard this was all part of the cleanse so I plugged on.

At 2 months to the day my energy returned and the ominous dark cloud lifted and every single day since I have experienced improvement, sometimes only small but improvement nonetheless.

In 3 and a half months of eating the new way all that was left was cold feet, a few cysts not completely gone, still not emptying completely and not much feeling in that area. I could swim in a quarter of the time and had bundles of energy, could walk 90 paces with my husband on one side and nothing on the other. I felt more vibrant than I ever had.

By 18 months I started realising what people were talking about when they had UTIs. I don’t know how many years I had been having them as I could never feel anything. Now I can and I have found some brilliant pessaries. You can find one that works for you, but I use PEGASO-CANDINORM-OVULI.

By 22 months on the protocol I felt fantastic, still had cold feet, one foot that was starting to clear the floor correctly and still had a knee that was still bent inwards, could get out of a chair without using my arms, shower alone and standing, walk with assistance and had no other signs of MS.

Now at 23 months on the protocol my feet will warm up with chocolate (100% cacao) or other ingestible items like chilli, foot drop is almost gone, knee is starting to straighten out and will bend, and I can walk 19 paces with 2 sticks on my own so am rather excited.

I estimate that it will take me 4 years to rid myself of Systemic Candidiasis by which time I predict all “MS” symptoms will be gone.

This video shows me walking at 22 months since the ABP and, bearing in mind that I couldn’t even sit up straight before all this and certainly couldn’t transfer unaided, I am confident I still have more to gain.

I followed the book ‘Candida Cure’ by Ann Boroch.

Hope this helps!

Janet Orchard
May 25 2016