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MS-UK Helpline Live Web Chat service

The variety of subjects the Helpline covers is a real reflection of how different MS can be from one person to the next.

This week we have seen an increase in the amount of web chat contacts we have received. We have had 10 contacts, covering a wide range of subjects and attracting people from far and wide, including places such as Bucharest and Pakistan.

That is the wonder of web chat, it makes our Helpline service available to people all over the world (during our office hours), especially in countries whereby support may be minimal or less is known about the condition. We can help to explain symptoms and provide information for people to understand multiple sclerosis better.

We have also had people contact us about specific subjects that can often be stressful, for example employment issues, ironically whilst sat at their desk, not knowing how to manage or deal with a tricky work related situation. Web chat makes it easy to ask questions instantly whilst remaining anonymous if you wish.

Whatever the subject, you can contact the MS-UK Helpline and we will always do our best to help.


MS-UK Helpline Supervisor


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