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Is it MS?

Are you sitting in front of your computer considering the many questions you have about the symptoms you are experiencing? What should you research first? Which site should you look at?

Where can you go to voice those deep rooted fears that stop you from even going to your GP? Do you worry that someone will say you are being silly, ‘it’s all in your head’ and not to worry! If you spoke about your concerns to a family member or friend, will you be passing on that worry and they will then continue to question you until you do something about it?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a place where you could go to, where you could ask as many questions as you want, get all the answers you needed, yet still remain anonymous to the world?

Wouldn’t it also be helpful if you could come away with a more balanced view after taking on board a different perspective of your situation? Maybe with details of other places to go to, to find out more? Would you like to discover from this place that not only does someone else care that you feel alone and afraid of the outcomes, that they have the time to help you find the strength to face those fears so that you can get on with your life?

I know where this place is… it’s the webchat at it, you might be glad you did.


MS-UK MS Advisor.