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New Pathways is out now...and you can get a free trial pack!

And so it’s finally here – all warm and smelling of fresh print…

I talk, of course, of the new issue of New Pathways.

We thought long and hard about what to cover in this, our 96th, issue – but at the end of the day there really was only one topic to cover.

Stem cell treatments.

Since BBC’s Panorama programme lit the fuse and then ran away, we’ve been talking constantly about the subject. And not just in the MS-UK office – our Helpline teamhave been fielding questions as people try to find more information.

Well, that’s what we’ve given you.

With personal tales from three people who have intimate knowledge of the subject – being treated both at home and abroad – we have tried to give you as balanced and informed a view as we can.

We’ve also had to expand our letters pages to shoe-horn in all the comments and responses we had to the article about the BBC programme in the last issue.

It seems people were as happy as I was about the coverage.

With that in mind, I have been chasing the BBC for a comment about the programme and am assured it will be with me any day now.

If not sooner.

It’s a shame it couldn’t get to me before the magazine went to print, but hey – you can’t rush these things.

We’ve also decided to take another look at LDN (low dose naltrexone ).

Once the new treatment on the block, it seems to have been forgotten in recent times so we chat to the people who know what it is and those who have benefited from its use.

Want more?

Well of course!

Stephanie Millward has been busy training for Rio, Fleur’s got suggestions for convenient veg gardening and Charlie had to break out of hospital just to see his daughter’s band play.

It really is quite the issue.

But hey, don’t take my word for it – why not try it for yourself?

Email and ask for a free trial pack and we’ll send you the latest issue. For free.

(Hopefully, you’ll like it enough to subscribe…)

Right, on with the next one.


Editor, New Pathways

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