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MSers: Positively forwards together!

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Welcome to all MSers, old-er and young-er… hope we’re all 

enjoying our (unique) challenge(s), and if not, why not?

For those of us living alone (I am) media a new-ish tool for many possibly, is certainly bringing many communities together, to face, nay overcome, any challenges. For company I’ve already spoken with the talented Wes Thompson, (if you haven’t yet checked out his Twitter broadcasts…inspiring!).

Wes set himself the achievable(!?) challenge of speaking with an MS-er from every city [69!] in the UK and with organisations that continue to make MSers’ lives that little bit easier. Not to be accused of giving in (surely never an MS-ers way?), Wes’ forthright charm and engaging persistence allow us to muse the plans of MSers from as far as Australia (thanks for your positivity Olympic Carol) and gorgeous southern USA (hey ‘belle’ Tiffany, how, ‘r ya doin’?) Fabulous inspiration all!

So what have I myself been doing, to pass my MS filled hours? Well my most positive MS incidents / achievements beside my own career to date, are unsurprisingly thanks to my two delightful, caring, hugely gorgeous, sons. I’ve learned to be kinder and more patient with myself and everyone, I hope…my MS has helped me to do this, I’m sure.

….back to the significant factor of doing what we each do to:

I) enjoy our time;
II) help better our lives; and
III) Work with our medical MS staff to find an ever elusive cure for global MS…BE SURE…IT WILL BE FOUND!

My happy family upbringing (my parents, father head-master and mother once an England captaining tennis player), both heavily supported their 4 daughters. MS benefits from this?

Some time ago, my older sister, skilled in advanced technology and both gregarious and wise, ‘used’ her personal friendliness for the benefit of MSers globally. What did she do? Explained my/our (currently) incurable MS, and she, and me/my friends kindly raised well over £400, to support my sponsored silence, administrated by SHIFT.MSand the fabulous on-line ‘Just Giving’.

I’m thinking, why not take a light hearted/positive look at what you/we can/have achieved. No longer driving, but still able to walk, happily, I shared my activity and plans with/ to a fellow MSer based 000s of miles away on FB. I’d reported getting a bus from the nearest bus stop, using my stick and [disabled] bus-pass free, in Northamptonshire right now, I…

a) Got a bus into town (Large and growing, not yet a city, sorry Wes.);
b) Made it to market;
c) Chose fresh vegetables;
d) Bus as near home as poss..


Anyway Lee’d FB posted how we [MSers]… can see value /achievement in the small[er] simpler things that maybe non MSers miss/take for granted using…. what’s called ‘Mindfulness’. Recently used in schools to help….certainly my course helped me!…we’re all still here, positively going forward together, why not? It might help you too!

Active listening, positive compassion, and patience I hope are gifts that MS has gifted me!


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