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Colchester recce

20160224_104022.jpgThe fundraising team went out this week to recce the route for the Colchester Half Marathon. This is our first event of the year, and my first event ever with MS-UK, so I was excited to see what the route would be and where I could expect to be cheering on the runners.

I’ve only been here for two weeks but it has been fascinating seeing the different and innovative ways our fundraisers think of to support us. From running and cycling challenges to bingo nights, netball tournaments and office collections, it’s amazing to see how our supporters can find a way to fundraise that works for them.

At other charities I’ve worked with fundraising has often felt quite distant from the fundraisers, and what I’ve noticed about MS-UK is that we get to know fundraisers as individuals, supporting all your efforts and getting to know who you are in the process. It’s something I love about working here, and hopefully something you appreciate when fundraising for us!

For this reason I can’t wait for the Colchester Half Marathon and the opportunity to meet, and support, some of our fundraisers in the flesh.

If you’d like to join us to cheer on our runners on the day, and meet some of the team in the process, then contact me at and I’ll let you know the details. It will be great to have as many supporters as possible to make the MS-UK presence known on our home turf!